Free Plate Reverb from Soundtoys Until the 22nd

I had a quick go of it - I really liked it immediately. All plates have a slightly metallic, “ringy” sound to my ear, but this one just seemed to work.

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After taking Chordwainer’s hearing test, I don’t trust anything I hear anymore, but I must have a big loss in the grainy range. I’ve played with this thing a few times now, and for decent sound with great simplicity, it seems pretty darned good for free.
What I love about something like this is how spoiled we can get. Looking for things to be wrong in a good sounding free plug that will get turned down in the mix so low that no one will hear it if it goes into BTR is an irony that is not lost on me.
Jonathon liked it upon further review, and I’m sure if Andrew was giving the blow by blow on how he went about mixing one of my tunes, he would have said something like “based on the intent of the guitar in the second chorus, I knew I needed a grainy reverb to bring out the “metal slide over rusty strings” approach Bob was taking”.

Yeah, it’s definitely possible. The placement of the damper on the plate can have a pretty huge effect on how it decays. Just like where you place your finger on a guitar string affects how it decays, only in 2D.