Former RR intro

Hey everyone. As the title says I used to frequent the RR forum. I didn’t post much but visited the site daily. Glad I found this forum. Thanks.


Welcome back! Great to have you with us. Dive on in!

Yup. A lot of use are still here. Good to have back with the group!

I’m glad you found us also! Welcome back!!

I’m clownpenis.fart. I’ll be your tour guide. If you need anything give me a ring. I’m like the godfather of the site. Taught @holster everything he knows.

Oh, buzz off you ornery old bastard.

Thanks for the warm welcome.

I’ll make ya famous.

Good to see more RR ex-members coming here. All aboard!
Welcome home.

So you go pretty deep into the content. Could that be called “murf divin’”? :thinking:



“Murf diving” is when what you call it when women are jumpin’ his (or her?) bones.

That was called “Muff diving”. :slightly_smiling_face: I was doing a play on words (i.e. the user handle) in my cleverly punny way. :grin:

I know :laughing:

You vulgarians! There’s nothing wrong with eating your steak bloody.

Yes it’s often warm. When you put your tongue on it then the heat conduction should be significant.

I think you may have made murf214 turn around and hightail it the hell out of here. :rofl:

Hey @murf214, are you working on any music lately?

Hey Holster,

I just finished my bands new album. It’s the first one where I did everything including “mastering.” I put mastering in quotes because all I really did was sequence and get the levels to where they should be. I did heavy mix bus processing though so in theory it really only needed volume. We released the album through CDBaby but we’re also streaming on Bandcamp. Have a listen and let me know what you think.


I’ll check it out! Thanks for the heads up!!

I think it sounds pretty good. Kind of a Pop/Punk sound, reminded of Green Day maybe? I thought G.P.S. was very clever, also really liked Overage and Anger Management.