Former RR intro

Former RR intro


I listened to it. That’s a really poppy snare. POP!


Thanks. We’ve been a band over 20 years and Green Day is definitely in our DNA.


I finally had some time to sit and give this a listen. Great job on the album man! Getting some sales so far?


Thanks for taking the time to listen to it and for the compliment. I’m pretty happy with the results considering how it was recorded (and who recorded/mixed it). We’ve sold some but I think we gave away more download cards at our show last week than we actually sold. Our goal is to get as many people to listen to it as we can so hopefully they’ll they support us by coming to our shows. We stopped touring years ago and all got jobs and mortgages. So now it’s all but making music and playing because it’s fun. Being able to record for free whenever we want helps with the fun too. Thanks again


Might be fun to use one of your songs for a mix contest if you’re up for it!


I’ll talk to the guys and let you know. it would be interesting to see how people handle my mess.


I think @cptfiasco, @wicked, @LazyE, and I are the owners, but you have my permission to use the Whale Song in a mixing contest when we finish it.