Finally, my EP is out

Finally, my EP is out

Hey folks. It’s been 5 years since the inception of the idea, 3.5 since I laid the first note. But it’s done.
My project, Giggons, and the first EP “Borders and Frames” is now out.
Only on Bandcamp right now, next week it should be on all the other usual places.
It ain’t perfect but it’s pretty much the best I can do.
Hope you guys like it.

Also the video for “Like and Omen” is here, although it will be moved to a consolidated account shortly.


I’m 20 seconds in to the first song, and so far I’m liking it a lot.

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Congrats on the release!! I love seeing completed projects. Thanks for sharing :beerbanger:

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Hey @danmanisa Dan! How are things in Melbourne-town? Cold, I’ll bet :cold_face::grin:

Congratulations! Just listening now…

This is very cool. I love the BIG, THICK grungy vision you have here. You’ve managed to congeal some pretty disparate elements together into something cohesive and original that (most importantly for me) is really melodic.

“Like an Omen” is a standout - I think you sequenced that right - It definitely represents the scope of what you do as an artist well, and it is very melodic and catchy. I think that immediate appeal is important for the first track on an EP/Album. Always a good idea to start out with a song like that.

I do love the grandeur of “Here it is”. Those Jerry Cantrell-like verse harmonies create a great sense of anticipation, and the orchestral touch work really well at the end.

Top job!

It’s an awesome feeling, isn’t it? It’s a TONNE of work to release a cohesive body of work that you’re satisfied with.

There is so much stuff even beyond “simply” writing, producing, performing, editing, mixing and mastering. I don’t think I had any appreciation of that until I actually did it myself. (After many years of start/stop working on it, I finally released my first full length album last year.)

Nice work! :beerbanger:


Nice work!

I’m digging “Like and Omen”! Great vibe!
Heavy & catchy, and the video is interesting too.


Thank you mate, means a lot coming from you!

You touched on a few things that grabbed me. I honestly do no think it as cohesive as I intended, but sound wise it generally is.
BIG and THICK was the plan from the start. I wanted full and slightly squashed without being smothering. It was a tough balance.
Thanks for the comments on Here It Is as well. Funny you mentioned Jerry Cantrell. I love the Boggy Depot album and think the only weak song on that album is ironically the single “Cut you in”. But it was the guitar and to an extent the drums that was deliberately pulled from Cantrell. The vocals, I saw, as more The Beatles. But I hear what you are saying.

Thanks again for the comments, the listen and the purchase!!!

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Thanks mate. Hopefully you got passed the next 20 too! :wink:

Thanks. Yeah, I can’t do aggressive vocals well, so I tried to pull it back a lot on this but wanted to keep the heavy riffs. Thanks for listening/watching.

Thanks mate. I wasn’t sure I’d every finish it. It sat with 3 songs done for ages and even the last few things took ages. Partly, I was scared to say it was finished, but also didn’t want to rush the final stages just to say it was done as well. Was caught in the middle quite a bit!

Listening to Like An Omen now and loving this! Really really well done!

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I’m liken Omen a lot. Sound is awesome. That pause in that riff is so important. Gives the riff a little time to breathe. That chorus really sticks. Yeah, this rocks. big congrats to you

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Thanks Miked! Thanks for listening.

Thanks feaker. Funny, I’ve had mates like that little pause riff too. Thanks for having a listen!

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Yeah… digging “Like an Omen”!

It brings to mind aspects of Ty Tabor / Kings-X, The Beatles, Porcupine Tree and Jerry Cantrell… kinda heavy, grungy, swirly, and melodic. Not to say it’s derivative… just that all these artists (that I love) popped into my head as I listened. Very cool! Going to head to Bandcamp to check out more! Congratulations!

Wow. what a powerful sound. Love this vibe big time. All cylinders firing. Congrats

How did I miss this?!?! Congrats Dan, what a milestone! Just wrapping up the first track but liking what I’m hearing. I’m not a heavy rock kinda guy in general but you’ve got some good sounds here. :slight_smile:

Thanks @skua. The Beatles were a big influence vocals wise, harmonies specifically. It’s interesting that you (and others) mentioned Jerry Cantrell. That was not a conscious thing at all EXCEPT for the final song “Here It Is” which is very much so inspired by his Boggy Depot album and the feel around that.
Thanks for the listen, glad you liked it!

Thanks @feaker. It is dense but that is what I was going for. Was a challenge to make it thick and beefy but still possible to hear everything and sound big at the same time.

Thank you @Chordwainer. Was a long journey but I’m proud of it overall. From the initial idea/vision /inception, I probably hit 80-85% of what I hoped to achieve. I think the first EP was always going to be finding my feet for this specific project and the next one will be a little more consistent in approach and style. Still, I’m happy with it as it is.

I’m really digging this song. Heavy and I really like the lyrics.
Congrats on the release.

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congratulations! great release!

Like an Omen my favorite.

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YUP Got the feel. This is awsome.

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