Eventide/newfangled 'Equivocate' question

So I just bought Equivocate this morning, thanks to ColdRoomStudio mentioning it, which reminded me I wanted it anyway

So I supposedly have figured out how to sidechain into it to use the match feature

I put on one of my songs, then I sidechain John Bonham or Lee Kerslake into it and it shows me a curve to match them.

So far so good.

But how can I work with it in REAL TIME???

In other words i want to be looking at the Equivocate match curve WHILE adjusting a different EQ plug until I get it to match

I tried it while using ez drummer and of course EZ Drummer creates the sound on the fly so i assumed that why i couldnt just adjust an EQ plug in my drum folder to match the Equivocate curve

So then I rendered my drums into a wav file and was hoping I could look at Equivocates curve and use an EQ plug to match it but alas I cant get that to work.

Then i tried to get fancy by sending my drums to a folder and eq’ing that folder, then sending that folder to another folder with Equivocate in it but Equivocate is smarter than me and still didnt work in real time

Has it got to do with prefader this or that?? (edit: I sent my rendered audio to a folder with Equivocate in it. I tried all 3 different types of sends in reaper but they didnt make any difference lol)

It would be 99% more useful if I can figure out how to match the curve IN REAL TIME.

any ideas?

Thanks, JJ

Its really confusing when I think about it.

lets say i have a drum track and Equivocate shows me a matching curve to a John Bonham track

So i start practicing by ear and I magically find the exact eq curve to match Bonham. I apply the eq curve to my drums

I run Equivocate again…now supposedly it is going to match pretty evenly this time, yes??? so how is that any different from me adjusting that same eq plug in real time???

You’ve got that right - I’m totally confused! :thinking: Perhaps I’m slow, but I don’t understand how you are using it, or what the goal is.

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Well what is the purpose of it altogether? Im supposed to be able to take my track, reference it to some other track. Equivocate shows me a matching curve…boost this, cut that.

So if I apply those boosts and cuts, shouldnt equivocate nearly be a match when I run it again?

i want to match the curve of the reference track while its playing. i dont want to have to render the track 5o times to try different adjustments

ok, for instance.

I just ran my drum track into equivocate using a bonham drum track for reference. I recorded that “matched” drum track (my track after equivocate).

So now when i go to THAT track and check it against the reference…of course it matches pretty closely

But I dont want to have to do that lol. i want to be watching the meter and adjusting the eq in real time. understand?

No, still not comprehending. If Equivocate does all the boosts and cuts for you, why do you need to do it again? I don’t understand why you are using another eq at all.

Once Equivocate matches the EQ to the sidechain input, you have to switch off the “EQ Match” function and let it run the eq it has figured out on the source you have put it on.

id rather have that same curve on something like ReaEq that isnt a resource/latency hog.

Anyway to easily copy that curve over to some other leaner EQ?

besides, I just want the fun of turning the knobs trying to manually match the eq

Oh, I see…

Other than just manually tweaking the curves with the parametric controls, I don’t think so.

i mean, technically, where is Equivocate picking up the audio from. I dont understand why if I have it in a separate folder and I eq before i send to that folder, why it doesnt affect what Equivocate sees. i deffo dont understand routing throughout a daw

btw, this thing is AWESOME lol. Im checking this pro track against that pro track. Very eye opening. Most of them are radically different from each other

Are you using the side-chain facility?

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Well i assume you HAVE to use side chain…as that is the reference.

I was hoping to be able to just take ReaEQ and manually ride it until I more or less matched equivocates curve while it was running. In other words if it added 5 db at 1k then i would add 5db at 1k to the track in question and equivocate would then see that and avg on down to 0 etc.

I couldnt get anything remotely like that to work though I tried 4 or 5 different ways

Are you trying to use another eq with it? the matching is done within the eq itself,you dont need another eq

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basically I want Equivocate to match the EQ curve but then I want to apply that EQ curve to a smaller, less CPU intensive EQ plug

Plus I wouldnt mind understanding how audio moves around in general thru a DAW. It mystifies me that I cant somehow EQ the track WHILE Equivocate is also analyzing it

You cant apply it to another eq .there are lots of eqs that do eq match now days .you could possibly copy it with waves q clone

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Fab filter pro q does eq match

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That is a bit like saying I have a nice reverb in waves H verb that I want to send and use in Relab 480 reverb

nah, a reverb and an eq curve are two completely different things. A reverb is like,what, 50x as complex as a simple eq?? The important part of a MATCHING EQ is the MATCHING aspect. After that its just a simple EQ

My understanding is that there are also latency issues as well.

I dont think you understand what i mean .

What I mean is you cant get compression on a waves api then move the setting to a fab filter c .
The eq match can only be done within equivocate ,as I said you could possible copy the curve with waves q clone

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