Eventide/newfangled 'Equivocate' question

I dont really want too spend to much time going back and forth on the subject lol. To me, an eq curve is an eq curve is an eq curve. The match function is just a computer coming up with the curve.

The only difference to me is possibly the 26 band equivocate has a certain per band bandwidth or similar characteristics.

That being said, if I were to take equivocates curve and put it on some other eq, I doubt 5 people out of 100 in a double blind could tell which eq was actually applying the curve

In the end, it doesnt make that much difference in my life. everyone can believe whatever they want to believe

peace, JJ

That being said, if I were to take equivocates curve and put it on some other eq,? how would you do that?

I see what you mean now ,you mean copying the bands manually onto another eq

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yes brother, thats all lol.

It would be nice if there were some way to export the values etc. Because i aint gonna manually enter 26 bands. I did that once yesterday to try it lol. ONCE

I just dont see the Equivocate as the type of plug you want to throw on 15 different tracks due to the cpu usage etc. I know u can disable the GUI etc but I just see it as more of a reference tool.

Fun to play with for sure. Eye opening that the pros mixes are radically different from one another

Do you not have waves q clone ?

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nah. I just bought Waves Platinum bundle within the last week but it’ll take me some time to even see whats in it.

Its not really THAT big of a deal. I assume that if I take 10 of my mixed songs and compare then to some pro songs that all of mine will generally have the same EQ curve errors over and over…like being too aggressive cutting out “boxiness” and 400-600hz etc which means all of mine lack warmth.

Some eq match plugins can load a about 7 songs from an album and take an overall eq curve of them all .There is one in T tracks 5 so just hope that you win the mix contest lol as that is the prize

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just to finish the thought.

voxengo marvel EQ is free and has a draw feature. (rt click on eq to draw etc)