EQuivocate, EQ Based on the Human Ear Mel Scale

EQuivocate, EQ Based on the Human Ear Mel Scale
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Hey, this is free through Halloween. I figured I’d let you know, it sounds pretty cool to me. It has 26 bands based on the Mel Scale, supposedly making it incredibly transparent and natural sounding.

EQuivocate - free plugin from evintide
EQuivocate - EQ Match Test

Yes, it looks very interesting. Requires an iLok account, but during install it gave me the option to install the license locally on the computer. (?) I got it installed but no time to play with it yet.

The official video:


I want to check this out. Part of me thinks it’s pure gimmick, but the other part of me just wants to try something different.


I really dig ultrachannel which is also by them. Love it, especially micropitch.


I’m curious to know the link between newfangled and eventide. Is Eventide setting up a new brand so they can branch out beyond their Eventide stuff? Or is it a new developer working with Eventide?


Not sure. I’d absolutely be interested. I got to play around with it a little bit tonight, it sounds pretty good. At this point most EQ’s are though. I’ll have to do a more detailed shoot out later, but my initial impression is positive.


It looks very flexible. The match feature looks like it would get you in the ballpark without spending a lot of time on tweaking. It would be fun grabbing some isolated tracks to match guitar and snare tones.


I just downloaded this plugin and had a play with it - My findings are linked below…

EQuivocate - EQ Match Test

Anyone having trouble downloading this?

Went through the proper steps (I think) but it’s simply not showing up on Reaper for me…


Do you have an iLok?


Thanks - signed up for one, got my email and seemed good to go. Was advised I didn’t need a serial no. etc

Reaper looked like it picked up something on opening but…nothing showing.

Tried a rescan.


I had to select rescan/clear cache to get it to work. Sometimes the iLok technology is really finicky.


Okay thanks - I’ll persevere.