eazanotti/A song of Personality

It was amazing to mix this song. Not much problems on phase. Discarded some tracks and most of them came in stereo.
Tried to use less plugins as possible and used the original guitar amp tracks. They sound good for me.
In the end the song is more compressed than I would expect, but enjoyed doing it and also the result.

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Hi Eazanotti,
I like your mix and after a couple of listens I think it could improve by tackling 1 or 2 things.
IMHO all vocals needed to be 1-2db lower and needed some additional de-essing at some points.
I would also pull back the rhythm parts of the acoustic gtrs and raise their final part at the 2nd verse (1:48).
Electric gtrs could do with a bit more bite.
Finally I think the kick would be more distinct if you raised its high frequencies to hear the beater.
I wish you good luck with the competition.

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Vocals track un po alta in volume. In bocca a lupo!

Thanks guys.
In my monitors and in the ear plugs the guitars were Ok, but when listened in the car, they sounded laking some high frequencies.
Good comentes about the vocal. Will try to do what was suggested.

The vocals all sound well mixed and eq’ed. As you’ve noticed, the instruements all sound muffled, which could be EQ, or it could be the bass and kick manhandling the compressor. How does it sound without any compression on the master buss?

You mean that the buss compression may be damaging some tracks?
I did a light compression of máximum 3 dB.
I will take a look at the limiter. Used one that never used before. Maybe some over tweeking that didn’t realised.
Point is that in my monitors they didn’d sound bad.
I believe that the main problem is that when we spend a lot of time in the same e mix, our judgement changes.
I was watching to a vídeo this days talking about the importance of the consistency in thistória job.
Thanks for the Feed back.

Watch out for that click at 0:49 jst before ‘but’.

I heard that. I believe that it is the vocal. Probably because of some editing removing some breathes.

Some good stuff going on in this mix. I personally would like have the vocal level lowered. I also feel like that would help to bring the whole mix together because at this point it feels like the instruments and the vocals are from different mixes. Thanks for sharing.

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Great!. Thanks for the feedback. Will try that.

Bashing as I listen: I agree with others about the compression on that one. It’s a little bit overdone. Drums are smacking in an unnatural way. Also agreed about the vocals being too loud, not gelling enough with the rest of the band. The tones are fine though, so I suppose it’s more a matter of easing off the compression and watching the levels and you’d have a good mix.

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Really like the kick. Agree with the others, vocals could come down a bit. Guitars could use some more high end

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i like guitar and snare of your mix very much, but i think it could’ve been better if the vocal was lowered a bit as others mentioned, and the kick is triggering the bus compressor too much? maybe you could have use bus compressor more gently or maybe there were too much of low frequencies on kick and maybe s.c.filter on bus compressor might’ve been beneficial, maybe faster release, or maybe slower attack, or maybe parallel would’ve been good?

Hi Eduardo - I’m hearing more of a mellow vision in your mix. The sounds are very soft and warm, which is quite appealing…

However, I’m hearing a buildup in the 200-300hz range, coming mainly from the kick and bass. I’m also hearing quite of mix compression pumping - I’d guess it’s the kick triggering it, as it is a bit overly loud and thick in the balance.

I’d suggest really working on clearing up the low mids and perhaps doing some selective low cuts on other elements to clear low end space in the mix, to allow a more conservative low end and low mids to speak more clearly in the mix.

Hi Isaacyon. Thanks for listening and feedback.
The attack in the bus comp is 30ms, the release, if not wrong 100. The only low end that is high is the fundamental of the kick at 80 I believe and it is not so high because it doesn’t disturb during the song.
I am not in front of my desculpas now, but I tried two or three bus comp and decided by the API. Don’t remember if leave its internal SC for Low or Normal. Will check and also try the threshold also.

It’s just my point of view! Drums seems to me a little overcompressed a and lost in the mix. Kick is a little hollow to me. I miss more legible mids in the bass. Compactly (not so bright) sounding rhythm guitars is fine for me.
Listened on AKG 701 and Shure 1540 headphones and Dynaudio Acoustics BM6 monitors.
Good luck with the competition. P

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Great. Thanks man.

Its a little boomy in the low end which makes the 2buss pump a little bit. Otherwise I like it :+1:

it seems that you didn’t do something drastic with bus compressor so maybe i was wrong about that, maybe it was the treatment on the kick itself which makes it too big? did you use long attack time on the kick?

by the way i’m recently experimenting with multi band things on kick to have low end tighter, and it seems to work pretty well quite often, so i recommend you to check that out, it might work for you too.