eazanotti/A song of Personality

eazanotti/A song of Personality


Sounds really compressed. The kick drum takes over the mix when the whole thing is that compressed, and makes it sound too punchy, with the other elements of the song lowering in volume when the kick comes in. I’d definitely drop the compression levels (altogether on the mix-bus, but that’s just me). I think you could make the guitars sound wider, the stereo field isn’t being taken advantage of as well as it could be. The vocals are a bit too loud and at the 2-4k frequencies could stand to be dropped, a de-esser would help as well. I think the snare would sound really good with less compression, and the hi-hats sound really good, not too bright or muddy.



Around 40 to 45 on the kick, but I used a reinforcement in a Fab filter EQ that have never used and also paralel compression. The point is that probably my monitors are not translating correctly. The kick was not so pronounced when listened to the track, but it is really trigering the bus comp.
Will do some tweeks when back to the studio.
Thanks for the heads up Isaacyom.

About the multiband, will try. Experienced on bass already, but never on kick.


First things to do will be lowering voice, improving high end on guitars and deal with the buss compression. If things do not improve overall, will revise each part.


Hey there eazanotti, nice work you did here :slight_smile:
I’d like to point out some problematic areas that I hear that could improve your mix, first one is the low end of the bass guitar, at parts it sits fine, at parts it is popping out loud, and on some notes more than the others. So it’s definitely a job for multiband compression, to control just the low end, and leave the high end of the bass guitar unaffected, the most prominent area being 110 Hz. You could use a dynamic EQ for this purpose, if you’d want to tackle just the offending frequencies when they arise, in my opinion, I would use the multiband for anything lower than 120 Hz, and then if some peaks still get through, I’d zone in on them with a dynamic EQ. Also one other area that muddies the mix substantially is the 250-500 Hz area, that part of the spectrum could use some EQ dips, mainly in the guitars (but drums could be the culprit here too, all the hi hats and OH “junk” you just don’t need).
Vocals are a bit loud, they seem just a tad detached from the rest of the band, try lowering them slightly and maybe adding some reverberation, that could fit them in nicely with the rest of the band.
A few editing leftovers, and a bit heavy on the main compression, but nothing too drastic :slight_smile:
I like the overall, a little bit darker feel of the song, I can see what your intentions were with this mix :slight_smile: Nice job and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Nice mix!

Also for me, the main thing I would improve would be the vocal:

  • too loud
  • perhaps a tad more reverb
  • I think the bottom of the vocal is somewhat missing. Did you EQ out too much? Or boosted too much at 2-3 kHz?

Good luck!


I think you’re right, the music sounds like its pumping a little bit because of overcompression, this is my main critique of this mix, the other thing that’s not working for me are the vocals, theres a bit too much sibilance on the main vocal, a bit of deessing would help here, and the vocals sound a bit off as well, mainly, its that they are on top of the mix, that is they don’t blend with the music, bringing them down a bit would fit the song better.

Thanks for letting us listen.


Thanks a lot for the orientation.