Dud :(

No interest generated

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Did you pull it before I heard it? Seems like it is difficult to get any conversation going on new tracks lately. You get a few listens, but not a lot of comments. I try to not let it bother me, but I’d like to see a little more life around here. Hope you’re doing well.

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didnt get a chance to hear this properly yet lol. I was going to review all new music it this weekend. There are many I havent heard. Can you leave it up a few more days?

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He Bob No biggie. I saw many on the site this past day and was hoping for a comment. It showed that I had no views. Never saw that before. Many times folks don’t comment because the song isn’t good and they really at a loss to say anything. I get that, but nobody even looked? Being outspoken here is not good for your fanbase/friends :frowning: The song wasn’t good. I just have always posted when I write a new one.
I was going to have it worked on by a forum member, but this was a good checkpoint.
Life is good if you don’t have covid :slight_smile:

Hi. I have to start waiting a few days after I produce a song. Then re-listen and evaluate. i played it again this morning and found it dull. I have moved on and have about half of a rock song started. Lyrics after the first verse is always tough. Onward and upward. Peace Michelle

Wow no listens at all? That’s a shame.

I have to agree, it is hard getting listens and comments lately. A while ago I posted a song I had worked really hard on. I was really proud of the result… It was pretty disheartening to see literally days go by and no one commenting - good or bad. I actually felt pretty crushed!

Eventually I got some much valued feedback on it (for which I am very greatful!) but I had to be really, really patient. The post had 109 views, but only 4 people actually gave feedback. So I figured people must be listening, but just don’t comment, for whatever reason…

So I know how you feel…So to my excuse :grimacing: FWIW, I was working on my own music yesterday and trying not to get sidetracked on other stuff. I only popped in to answer a couple of PMs I got…

…nonetheless, this morning I was curious, so I invoked my Mod privileges and opened up the edit history on your post so I could listen to the file you deleted.

It’s a very pretty verse melody. I would agree that the song doesn’t have some of the emotional range and gravitas you have displayed in recent compositions. You have an amazing ability to write melodies.

To me, the chorus is a little too much like “With a Little Help From My Friends” in both chord structure, rhythm and melody.

It’s really interesting seeing the different approaches to songwriting/songcraft. You’re very much a ‘write a song a day - keep the gems, discard the dross’ guy. I tend to be the opposite. I hardly ever throw away an idea completely - I keep them all in my back pocket and pull them out from time to time to see if they can fit a bigger puzzle.

Creativity is fascinating, isn’t it?

Hi Andy. Thanks for this note. Yes It was going to be kind of a game to see if anyone else picked up on the Beatles copy. Yes It had the same chords as with a little help from my friends. Crazy thing to say and not verify, but when I play that song with just my acoustic, sitting in my lazy boy, it sounds so much better and flows much better. I wish there was a way to isolate the guitar. I tried a bunch of things, unsuccessfully I might add.
I thought the same thing with your last song as well. It was solid and at first I didn’t want to say much, because you know, my mixing skills are very limited.
My downer I guess is that most folks don’t even play and instrument anymore and makin a song from scratch is not an easy thing to pull off as you know. Nice run on sentence .Heck, the garage band samples sound better than what I can do.
I posted this song on taxi also and did not get any feedback. I usually get several at least. Sappy isn’t in :slight_smile: I have 3500 posts and comments there. I don’t think they appreciate non members posting ??
The only way I get many hits, is I find a taxi listing and say “does this fit the Jonny Cash listing” and then the process starts. Taxi is mostly instrumental stuff.
I see that most here like to find tracks and work on trying to better them. I wish they would do that for some of mine. Kinda what I expected at this site.
If you search for sites doing that, you won’t find much.
Taxi has a listing for a rock/coming out of the covid crisis. I am writing a rock song now to give me something to go after. I need some accents now instead of just power chords :slight_smile: Have to have a beer and go try.
Take care and keep at it…you have the chops for sure

Yes I had him busy yesterday with my ramblings. I picked on his brains and ears enough to second guess responding to my pms :grin: … so yep sorry Paul!


Maybe we all need to get together and do a We Are The World production and get a gigantic collaboration thing going to create some unity and purpose. Andrew, I’m sure you could pull Quincy Jones in for us using your contacts. The only problem would be figuring out how to put 237 guitar solos into a 3 minute song, but adversity is a great motivator.


What contacts?!?! I’m probably the most “not-connected” person here! :rofl:

Whaddya mean? You know me.

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Of course! How rude of me!.. and you’ll be happy to know I drop your name everywhere… It gets me into all the hippest places :rofl:

There could be many reasons for it. At times I listen to things and have no critique, and I like it… but that doesnt mean that the mix is perfect either, its likely that I don’t have the energy to dissect it that day.
Critiquing a mix is pretty much like performing sound surgery. It can be exhausting at times, depending on how much ear fatigue the ear has gone through that day. It would be cool if the mix critiques could start like a multiple choice survey @Jonathan @holster (could be a fun coding project) . A lot of times the answers are common (balance issue, bass issues, reverb issues etc and sounds good!) . Check all that apply then an “other” section to fill in the details. Might be a good idea for a mix critique app, just floating it out there for someone to make some $$$ lol


Well, I am semi famous. There are people I owe money. I’m also in the witness protection program for things I may or may not have done in guitar stores in the Midwest during the 70’s.


Paul, you need to have a bit of patience. I’ve missed a few of your songs because you’ve taken them down before I’ve had a chance to listen to them. I was disappointed that I didn’t hear your song.

As others have mentioned, some of us like to listen to the BTR songs/ productions at our own pace. We might not have the time or energy to immediately comment. I’m often riddled with many things going on at once and it takes me time and energy to find the right words to express my opinion. I actually find it a bit difficult to write a critique, especially if I’m trying to sugar-coat what I’m saying. Sometimes I can’t even explain to myself why a certain song or piece of music doesn’t sound right to me.


I think this is a great idea !

Added to the list of issues

Pitch (flat/ sharp vocals)
Arrangement (a very subjective issue)

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… so is there anything wrong with just dropping a quick comment to that effect?

I don’t think it’s necessary for every comment to be an exhaustive mix critique… I hardly ever have the time or the energy to say everything I’d like to about every mix posted here… but I like to say something meaningful when I can, or even just say that I like something about the song or mix.

Sometimes I’ll say that I’m not fond of the genre or style, but I admire the skill and effort that went into the production.

Another suggestion: Just focus on one aspect and give a critique on that point. Often different listeners pick up on different things.

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Is clicking the :heart: a good replacement for a comment in BTR ?

I sometimes do that when I’m running short on time, or don’t have anything new to add. But I only click the “like” if I hear the value in the recording.

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I always am very late to take part on various topics since it takes me so much efforts trying to get things done but I found this one pretty interesting: I think it shows the state in which this forum is, somehow.

I mean there is not so many people here, and only 10% are active (according to the “About” page). For those 50 persons, they have different goals to come here but not all of them are looking for this BTR section. And very few try to play the game of the section (me included).
At the end, only 10 people (to give a number) post here and comment other mixes, which is not very impressive IMO. And way not enough.

I know, doing statements isn’t helping at all.
Years ago, in the previous forum, several events bring some people and create lot of comments and BTR needs lot of sections to handle all of them.
As far as I remembered, mixing contests (with or without prize?) were the most important events for that matter, writing songs were way behind, reviewing gears or softwares was something else (I can’t remember if it was a big thing or not)…

Again statement is not helping, it’s just a feeling I’d like to share.


hey Mr W :slight_smile: I don’t have any patience at at all. Always been a type A . I think it is kindness when folks don’t chirp if it is a crapy track. This one was a little different in that, after a day, there wasn’t one person who even opened up the post. I checked many times and there were many on the site. It would be an embarrassment at that point for me to leave the track up, because one never knows about your own track…and the little bit of excitement with your new potential top ten hit. I thought of a couple of possibilities for that. 1. Like looking at baby pictures, you get tired of doing the same old thing, and lets face it, it is time consuming. 2. It is a bad track and you try to figure out how to sugar coat the critique. 3. You pissed off folks (like I did with the F bomb) and your previously decent forum image is forever tarnished. Have to also add anything said about their vocal in general. 4. This old guy never did get out of the sixties. Same old sap crap. ha ha
I never get very disappointed because there is another whole exciting process tumblin round in my head and grab the acoustic for another fresh start.
I posted a while back that a letter grade only A, B C would really help. If one got B’s and above (without any feelings or comments involved) one could make a determination to proceed or reject.
I also feel there just aren’t many folks here making new songs here . I can only think of three. When you import tracks from the web that nobody has a personal relationship with, you can freely comment. The songs are good. A great practice for those honing their mixing skills.
Lastly…I looked for other sites that might have a main focus on songwriting. Just to listen and comment on new songs that are being composed. I haven’t found many. This is bar far the best.

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