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Anyone here, besides me, play and record drums?


My son has been playing, which is in turn, teaching me a bit. :slight_smile:
And actually, recording drums is actually my favorite part of the entire recording process.


I think recording drums, successfully, is maybe the most rewarding part of the whole process.


I agree. Totally!


I seem to recall that Stan is also a tub-thumper… :wink:


Yep, though I don’t get to play as often as I like because I rely on my band’s drummer letting me use his kit and it’s usually set up the wrong way round for me. :cold_sweat:


I’ve been know to abuse a drum set.


Speaking of drums, did you guys really let me get away with the description I put for this category? haha


I did! I mean, ivory? Really? The only thing these days more rare than recording real drums is someone recording a real piano.


haha! True. I’m open to other names :wink: I was trying to give it a name that suggested that it wasn’t “only” guitars


It doesn’t have to be cute. You could just call it “instruments”…


yes i am also a drummer infact i just bought a new set for xmas a dw peerformance 6 piece my old ser has seen some years and it still sounds good and does the job it was time to upgrade.

this is my setup atm… 3 AKG P170 for stereo oh and one for the hats and a shure pga52 for the kick, then I have 6 redhats on the snare toms and kick this is going to a alesis dm5 midi into a scalett I818 as well as the mics into my laptop with reaper it records easy and i have a templete setup so when i transfer to my main pc its painless. i just purchased a kelly suremount for the kick to go in my new set


**looking at monitors

That may be the coolest mix desk I have ever seen!!


i just used them to play music to jam too with…lol and listen back to the ruff mix of drums.
this is my mix desk


Nice setup!! :slight_smile:
Super cool


ty holster ill post some of the new set when i get it, it supposed to arrive Thursday and i have to work Friday so it might be a couple of days of setup and clean and organize


Awesome! Looking forward to it!


I actually took up the drums about a year ago, been very busy teaching myself and scoring “free” lessons from anyone I can find. I think I’m improving. Because of my situation, I’ve got a electronic drum kit that I bought, and then modified with mesh heads and home made sensors.

I’m one of those people who try to record e-drums using Addictive drums and try to make it sound like I’m sitting at a real drum kit that’s been mic’ed.


Guilty as charged, here… :slight_smile:
Been playing for almost 40 years and recording them almost as long.


I have a Roland VS840 packed up…it looks very similar to whatever u got on the front left of the table there. What is that?