Cover the 50's - The Rules

Welcome to the “Cover the Decades” competition!
sponsored by our friends at IK Multimedia, Boz Digital Labs, and Rusty Frets Guitar Shop

The Game
All contestants may enter the contest by submitting a cover version of the song chosen to represent the 50’s… “Fever”. The deadline to submit your entry for the Cover the 50’s contest is July 31st, 2018. Community members and fellow entrants will score each other’s entries based on the following (recommended) scoring criteria:

Scoring criteria

Originality : 1-3 points (1= you basically did the original again, 2=different, but “safe” 3=unexpectedly different/completely different genre/etc

Quality of mix/recording/etc : 1-3 points (1=beginner, 2=solid mix, 3=radio ready)

Overall (performance and production) : 1-4 points (1=unoriginal and poorly performed, overwhelming pitch issues, etc, 2=decent, but needs some work, 3=solid production and performance, 4=pro level performance and ready for the masses)

add scoring total for up to 10 available points

Choosing the winner(s)
After the contest ends, we’ll grab the Top 4 entries (based on community rating) and a winner will be chosen by a committee of volunteer judges.

The Prize:

Details [HERE]
a package of recording and music gear from IK Multimedia, Boz Digital Labs, and Rusty Frets Guitar Shop valuled at approx $700(USD)!

NOTE The songs covered in this series are used with permission for the purposes of this contest and are subject to copyright laws.

The Rules
Only one chance to enter your cover song per competition.

Contestants may post as many preliminary versions in Bash This Recording as they wish prior to making their official entry in the Contest Thread. Contestants may submit only ONE entry in the Contest Thread, so don’t do that until you are absolutely sure that is your final version. If a contestant posts more than one entry in the Contest Thread, only the first one posted will be voted on and judged.

Attempts to edit the first submission or attempts to enter multiple times can be seen by admins and will be disqualified. Exception- Contestents may form groups with other members to collaborate on a “group” entry. Each group/collaborative entrant may be treated as a separate “individual” entrant. This group entry can be treated separately from a solo/individual entry.

BOTTOM LINE: you can’t enter multiple solo covers, or multiple covers with the exact same group. But you can still collaborate with other groups if you want. Each unique group, like each individual, gets one official entry. But individuals are free to collaborate with as many groups as they wish. No two groups will have identical membership, hence they’d be just duplicates of the same group.

Mix Entries are to be submitted under the Cover the Decades category for each decade competition.

Enter your username/nickname, a dash, and a catchy phrase. In the body below write a brief summary. No need for a book. Just talk about the direction you went, problems you had, whatever. No big deal.

Upload your MP3 file song entry. Note the mp3 may take several minutes to upload on a slow internet connection. Be Patient.

Attach a rating “poll” using the “build poll” function in the editor tools. Choose a “number rating” poll with a rating of 1 minimum, 10 maximum and 1 step. No need to check the “show who voted” box. (NOTE - to make things easy, when you start a thread, the poll will already be in the template)

You must be an Indie Recording Depot member of Trust Level 1 in order to rate mixes and enter. To become a Trust Level 1 member you must have 10 posts. This is to reduce spamming and cheating. It’s easy to get 15 posts. Introduce yourself or engage in other discussions! Join the gang! It’s fun to hang out here anyway.

Be sure to rate other entrants and provide HELPFUL information or tips to other entries with any improvements you’d recommend (ie, production tips, performance tips, mix ideas, etc.).


I likely will be entering this contest. Could be fun!

It would be even better if the cover had to be a Buddy Holly or Everly Brother’s song, but it doesn’t matter too much because we can change “Fever” to our heart’s desire. :smiling_imp:

Exactly! Do Fever in a Buddy Holly style! :wink:

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Also, as we progress through the decades, I reserve the right to do a decade with a part 1, part 2, etc. :wink:


I can’t seem to find when we vote by.

After listening to all the entries, they are all excellent and creative to a degree I never would have guessed. Congratulations to all!

I figured I’d shut down voting at the end of next week. Should be plenty of time for voters :slight_smile:

I’ll post a reminder in the next day or so.

I don’t suppose you could make like a sub-thread called something like “Official Entries” or something. It is kind of tedious to dig through all the thread title to find the ones that are entries. Or am I just being lazy? :wink:

totally :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try to clean it up for you! Have fun checking out the entries, and thanks for taking the time!!

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Can you just “tag” the actual entries so we can click on a heading and see them all listed out? God I sound lame. I’m actually going through them now, it’s not too bad. Was just thinking to make them a little more obvious so anyone can find and listen. There’s some good ones!

There are 7 entries by my count. Is this correct?

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I almost got my Fever cover done in time but I didn’t quite make the deadline. On the very final day I managed to put in 9 1/2 hours, but I left myself with too little time to complete it. I probably still need at least another few hours to get it all done half decently. Next time I’ll have to begin working on the music much earlier, well before the deadline. I would’ve liked to be lucky number 8.:money_mouth_face:

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I’d like to have one more competitor even if we have to bend the deadline rules a bit.
If everyone else agrees I vote for you participation.

I wouldn’t complain if they bend the rules :grinning:, but I wouldn’t want to unfairly weasel my way into the contest. I appreciate your consideration though, ManAbyss.

Let’s ask them. @holster @Aef @feaker @steban @Chordwainer @ingolee @jamestoffee


As someone without an entry, I think if it’s OK with “the man” (@holster) and the other contestants who got their entries in on time, let them decide - privately. There are some really great prizes on the line for the contestants who got their entries in already. (I’m really just putting this opinion down so someone who does have an entry in already doesn’t have to say it themselves.)

Personally, I’m glad the decision is not up to me. I’ll vote regardless. :wink:

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PS. @Wicked - regardless of the outcome, you put a lot of work into it, I hope you finish and post it anyway. :smiley:

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I have no qualms about allowing @Wicked to submit his entry if he gets it up today or tomorrow. It is not going to be easy to win anyway as all the entries are great in their own styles.

I have seen deadlines for contests extended before by the contest runners, and it never bothered me before. Usually it is announced ahead of time, but we are a small group who can consider the human factor. We could say the rule is that if a minimum of 8 submissions is not achieved, the deadline would automatically be extended by a few days. That would resolve the procrastinator problem permanently!

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I think you are right.
Someone may not agree which is totally understandable and fair.
Saying so publicly could make him look “bad”…
So I agree.
Privately or the man (holster) makes the decision for us.

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Yeah, I’ll probably post it either way. :+1:

I should be able to finish it up by the end of tomorrow. I just put in another 6 hours today. Just need to get the melody and lyrics for the last verse and a few vocals for the end of the song. Also a tiny bit of MIDI drum tweaks. Then I’ll do a "quick " mix…probably take 3 or 4 hours…Oh, and some automation! :roll_eyes: