Cover the 50's - The Rules

Cover the 50's - The Rules


This is probably the way to go. If anyone has an objection, I would bow out and accept the verdict. It’s completely understandable. :+1:


Hey gang! Sorry for the delay. I actually managed to get away for some camping with the family for a few days.

So… to get back to this. Lets go with this plan. If you still wish to enter a cover for the 50’s, please do so by the end of Friday 8/10. Voting will end on 8/17. HOWEVER, if you are entering your song after the past deadline, you won’t be eligible to win the 50’s prize. You WILL however be eligible to receive some points for the ongoing “covers” overall contest.

Hope that makes sense and is reasonable to everyone!

How’s everyone doing with “Fever” so far?