Chord sequences that blow you away

Chord sequences that blow you away

In a ‘bash this recording’ thread by ‘Feaker’, Paul asked for comments on the chords he used in the chorus. That lead to some interesting ideas (and interestting misunderstandings) that reminded me of one of my favourite chord sequences by the Beatles. And I thought, hey why not make a new topic out of it. Often my own songwriting has been influenced by some chord sequence or riff from someone else. Not to blatently copy it but to find your own version. So maybe chord sequences that others find interesting or heart wrenching or whatever could give new inspiration. I just copied the last part of the thread in Pauls concerning ‘Things we said today’ (not 100% sure but bound to be a Paul MacCartney contribution).

Reminds me of one of my favourite (early!) Beatles songs: ‘Things we said today’. The verse is basically an alternating Am, Em, then the chorus goes to C, Bb, F, Bb and back to Am Em Am. That Bb in the chorus is surprisingly beautiful in itself, but then you get the middel bit where the Am is modulated to an A major: A, D7, B , E7 , A, followed by repeat with a big surprise: A, D7, B, Bb , Am .
Wow !

I remember this being one of the first (as a kid) that challenged me to think about tonality a little differently.

This is Gargoyles by Leiberman.

I don’t listen to a lot of a-tonal music but this one has always impressed me. It’s a little more abstract than Ravel or Debbusy… Complete lack of chords and tonal center, but it has note clusters that are musically coherent (painting the picture of Gargoyles in action) in sequences and patters that are aesthetically pleasing (and disturbing at the same time). I don’t like stuff by Berg or Shoenberg or Webern that are almost purely mathematical constructs (not musical ones in my opinion)

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And another that was always sort of interesting to me. The last 2 missing chords at the end are Dm7 and G7. The chorus was always particular interesting how he made major I lead to minor #4?? lol.

This thread is going to be,for me, fun or frustrating. ha ha That being, I will want to play them and get all creative. I glanced what Mr J just posted and I said “hmmmmmmm”?? Looks interesting.

Also, where did I get those two starter chords on the song I am working on come from? Fmaj7 and Cmaj7 and some of the melody line notes. Hint first lyric word on that old song starts with ch…ha ha and the actual song title starts with a V…1972 …more to come