Boz Millar - verby mix

Boz Millar - verby mix


I gave this a shot today, and I’m turning it in now because I’m not going to have time to work on it any further.I got 90% done what I wanted to though. I don’t think I got the climax part sounding exactly the way I wanted it to. Also, I’m living out of a suitcase right now, so I had to do it all on headphones, which I haven’t done in a long time. Hopefully there aren’t a bunch of droning low freqs that I’m not noticing.

I guess those are all the excuses I have. Any feedback would be great.

This was a fun song to mix. It didn’t require much to sound good, and it was a good opportunity to drench something in reverb and have it fit. I didn’t add a whole lot because I didn’t think it really needed much. Just some drums on the climax.

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I think the guitar verb is a bit much during the verses. Your vocals are pretty awesome, and I like the snare you added. Kinda feels like the mids are scooped out a little too much. But since you added the snare during the climax/distorted solo the final chorus feels like a comedown in energy, where I think it should equal it and be impactful. It sort of feels like a letdown in this version. I don’t think the drums drive the song enough during the parts were you didn’t supplement them with samples. My two cents. Your vocals are next level in this mix, you carved a really sexy hole for them.



after listening to other mixes, all of them feel super bright on the vocals. Then listening back to this one, it feels pretty dark. Adding a bit of a 5k boost to my master bus clears up this mix quite a bit. Oh well. I guess that’s what I get for not doing the morning after listen. But I’m unapologetically standing by my reverb.


You do what you want. You’re Mr. Millar, world renowned plugin crafter. You helped Andy Sneap make the new Judas Priest album with Big Beautiful Whore and kept Glenn Tipton away from the mixing board. For that, I’m eternally grateful.


Hi Boz! Nice to meet you!

Your work sounds very musical to me. I especially like your vocals and your brush drums.
This is a very delicate ensemble you got with ambiance and Fxs, nice, my style.
The emotion is given, job done.
I found my mix was super bright after yours, then the usual thing: I found yours was dark after listening to mine.
I like both anyway! lol

Thank you for playing the game with all of us, and once again very nice work.


Hey, verby mix you said? For sure.
Your mix sounds nicely balanced and has this own character.
I have a mixed feeling with it: on one hand I found that some parts work really great (lead vocal, backing vocal, distorted guitar) and some don’t work for me (main guitar -> too wet, sample added -> disconnected, reverb choice -> need some more EQ not to hide the whole mix…)
Working with headphones isn’t easy for sure but it seems you tried things in this mix without having a clear goal in mind…

By the way, nice job, nothing really wrong with this mix, really!!


Interesting. Maybe I’ll feel different in a few days after getting a fresh perspective, but I couldn’t see the benefit of having the main guitar be any sort of focal point of the song. The purpose of this song (to me at least) is 100% the vocals and getting them and the rest of the instruments to feel like the theme of the song. To me, that was the whole goal of the song to convey the idea that the vocals/lyrics were giving.

I am disappointed in the drums I added at 3:00. They didn’t quite mesh the way they should have.


I think this sounds really good. I personally like the rather excessive amounts of reverb in the beginning. Partly because I always felt this intro needed something fill up space, and also because I think the you got the sibilance and what not pretty well under control.

I do see what you’re saying about the drums at the end. Those are samples…right?


To me, it’s more a guitar-vocal duo, with decoration.
By the way, it’s all a matter of taste :+1:


Did your wife boot you out after you gave birth to the baby?
That sucks. (Perhaps write a song about it?)



It sounds good to me and I don’t normally like reverb but it works really well on this song. Overall it sounds very smooth, maybe its a little dark but at least theres nothing harsh about it which is a good thing.


I’d give it a 9. The reverb works fine for me. Do you remember where you high passed the reverb? There might be a little buildup in the bottom end of the reverb, but it is very slight. I also think your eq on the voice is perfect for the song. Way too many people go to the " ice pick in the ear preset" on vocals, this rendition added the proper feel to the song.
I would agree to some extent that the energy level drops on the last chorus, but that’s an arrangement issue more than a mixing issue to me. Great job , no real sense to me that you did this on headphones, you must know them very well.


I don’t, but that was my biggest worry with the reverb. It’s hard to hear those low resonances on headphones, or at least if you can hear them, they tend not to sound as wrong, so they don’t jump out if they are overdone like they do in a room.

Coming back down at the end was something I did on purpose, but I was only 51% sure that’s where I wanted to go with it.


Lovely, great mix!


Top notch.
I can’t add any comments or suggestions on how to improve it.
Great job.

Good luck!


good work, it like to me.


Such a cold mix here! Great verb additions also. Don’t have more words little bit just in my style, it’s very personal I think.



gentle mix, the “bells” add some good vibes to the song.
Pitched ad vocals too.
Really nice. Smooth, nothing’s harsh there.



I like the landscape your “verbiness” creates. It’s just right for this song. And a very pleasing vocal treatment too, which is the star of the song. It does sound like a little sibilance crept in on the vocal, however. The nice mellow treatment really makes the break section jump out. Also, just a personal preference, the BIG kick didn’t quite fit the mood for me and felt out of place. I liked your ending too. I wish I’d done the same with my mix now.


I really like this mix. I’ll be taking some pointers from it when I remix my version and add it to Bash This Recording.

This could be considered a pun. :stuck_out_tongue: