Boz Millar - verby mix

Boz Millar - verby mix


great job on the vocal. I am not crazy about the heavy verb but it grew on me. I think that most of this is just down to taste.


Nice mix!!! Did you use your plugins on this mix?


I had to go back and look. Aside from ReaEQ and kontakt instruments, I only used my own plugins. A few that haven’t been released yet though.


So what’s still in the pipeline then?


I tend to like the mixes with less verb but this one wasn’t bad. I’m kinda missing something on the main guitar.


The pipeline is sort of a big tangled up mess right now. Lots of little prototypes, but then a couple that I really want to make and release that I haven’t even started on yet.


as much as I dont prefer verby mixes for this particular song, this one had me in the first 10 seconds when the faint cello and faint choir come in early :smiley: – no bias… but in all seriousness this was really well done. Good balance overall.

Chorus gets a bit unclean with the verb, but it glues together at the end.
The bells are mixed in a wee bit loud, good resonance on them though, just a tad softer touch might have been the cherry on top.


Yes, it was easy on that context!


heard on old Samsung earbuds (terrible ones) - previous pass was in AV40s in a treated room

This mix translates very smooth on the earbuds, possibly one of the smoothest mixes done.
reverb on the background vocals was flawless. Distant bells and other artifacts added kept the song from being dull and emotionless (tends to happen with me with slower songs with a lot of reverb)

phasing issues noticed on earbuds at:
1:06 - 1:13 (seems vocals were duplicated and are fighting for space on my earbuds)
2:16 comes back at the phrase "when its a "
Earbuds are glitching at those points reducing the volume of the vocals.

earbuds crackle at 2:48 need you “any” way (at the word any), somehow peaked there.

Some simple changes suggested:
Maybe a bit too simple but maybe crop the ending consonants a bit for extra smoothness
example “WastelandD” , the reverb extends the endings where they get a tiny weeny bit distracting.
I do notice you have timed them well with background harmonies, so your hard work is very evident.

To re-iterate, very well done, very very smooth. Love it!


Yeah, I did double it there. And it’s funny because when I was doing the mix, I could barely hear it. I let it sit for a bit and went back to listen and it jumps out a bit too much. My ears get numb really fast I guess.


I didnt hear it in my monitors (very faint when I heard it again today)