Boz Millar - Low Down (The 2017 New And Improved Post-Operation Remix)

First mix post operation, decided to revisit an old classic since my old mix wasn’t very good. I like this song, quite a bit actually. Much more than Believe, but that’s personal taste. Nothing wrong with (I Am) Cassettes. Except maybe their band name. Watcha think people. I still got it?

Hey, I don’t listen to much of this genre but your mix sounded great to me. I like the snare sound.

The only things that came to my mind while listening are:

  • Some slightly out of tune notes on the lead vocals (just a few)
  • Lead vocal level not consistent: most of the time it is good but sometimes a little too loud
  • Bass and guitar a little too loud during the section that starts at 1:10

Songwriting sounds very good to me.

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I’m listening from my laptop, so it’s not ideal, but on the upside, it translates VERY well. Great job on that! I’m especially impressed with how the bass guitar comes across on this laptop. Overall, the mix is sounding solid to me. I agree that the snare sounds great for this song. I’d say you still got it :wink:

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I get ya, I messed with the vocal levels. Yeah, I think if it’s only a few out of tune notes it compliments the genre. Rock shouldn’t be perfection. That doesn’t excuse sloppiness though. Maybe I’ll put them through a pitch corrector. Hey, @bozmillar . What key is this in?

I like your mix, better than mine, but I’m still mad at you for stealing my St. Anger mix idea by mixing Personality St. Anger style before me. My St. Anger mix of this will live on in infamy will your St. Anger Mix of Why Wait will wallow in relative obscurity. But I did steal your idea of tuning vocals out of key live style, so I suppose we’re even.

uh, I don’t remember if I had the guitar downtuned or not. If not, then it should be a plain old Em.

Sounds like G Major to me. But I guess you’d know since you are the author of the song.

The song is in Em (chords Em - C - Am - B), but Em being the relative minor scale of G major I’d say you are both right :slight_smile:

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I’m definitely more right.

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I used some T-Pain level autotune on the opening lines to prove my correctness.
Here’s G Major.

Here’s Em.

I’d implore you to download them and look at the filenames, Mr. Millar. Also I did some word splicing in that song that is still a work in progress. It involves you saying you’re giving away your peninsula of masculinity as a prize to the mixing contest. I hope you’re still cool with it.

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yes, but the differences between those two files is so subtle, nobody is going to be able to tell the difference. Take away the labels and listen to them blind and I think you’d be surprised at how similar they sound.

Lophophorapolooza has a trained ear, he’ll know the difference.

I trust nobody who thinks you are more of a hunk than I am.

You guys are hilarious. :joy:

@Bozmillar there you go. Spoken like a true poet.


Two can play it that game, Millar.

This is where I discover the true limits of my admin privileges.

Holster seems to let us run wild. He’s a true American hero. I bet he pisses red, white, and blue from the gonorrhea he has because he never wears condoms because he doesn’t believe in birth control like a true white Christian American and doesn’t believe in run on sentences because grämmor rulez are for pussies and communists. Hey @holster, can I be an admin?

This is the third topic of mine in the past few days that you’ve turned into either being about Vinnie Vincent, or going to war with Boz. I just think it’s funny that you cause my threads to devolve in one or the other of those directions.