Boz Millar - Low Down (The 2017 New And Improved Post-Operation Remix)

Boz Millar - Low Down (The 2017 New And Improved Post-Operation Remix)
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…And there’s Vinnie Vincent.


Here’s the Big Bottom Spinal Tap Em mix. Pretty hunky. How’s the bass on this one translate on your laptop @holster?

P.S.Listen to all the “break you down” parts.


Ouch! Jesus Christ, you’re gonna put me back in the hospital.


i really like it. the vocals clear it up, drums are good, good spread… i like the genre of the tune.
the needles are moving is refreshing with dynamics and theres no red clipping loud-er issues…this means I can usually crank the f-out of it and the digital distortion isnt there.

ive found a lot of recordings now clip but at low volume its not heard, and its fast, clipping…

i like this, its dynamicness and volume is right…if I want louder I can crank the volume knob, as it should be…

of course great riff, great groove besides all the tech stuff.


ok, I listened to it before I realized it was 2 months old. was this from a mix contest?

a few small things:

I dont hear the chorus “popping” at all. It almost sounds like the song slightly drops out on the chorus. Like at around :41 I hear it building towards a chorus. But then like at :46 it feels like it dropped out some. Like the guitar was building then it sort of didnt do much at that :46 point. Maybe its a taste thing but I always like a nice power chord right there or something but they went into the more constant picked guitar riff but it doesnt pop at all IMO.

Especially after the sort of loud drum fill at :45

Overall id say the cymbals are sort of low in the mix. Maybe thats part of what doesnt sound right in the chorus to me. Yeah he goes to the open hihat etc but its sort of low in the mix. Im sort of comparing to stuff like Soundgarden Limo Wreck and Holy Water where the overall cymbals and hihats etc are more present in the overall mix

The vocal itself isnt very dynamic so that doesnt help the chorus stand out any. That vocal plods along…needs a nice scream or something or to be built up more. Needs more energy in the vocal at the chorus

seems the sort of hi bass/low guitar area is a bit loud at times. Like the riff at 1:09 etc…like there is a sort of resonance there. Then the riff at 1:20 sort of drowns out the vocal slightly. If you compare the energy at that 1:20 riff to the energy in the chorus, seems the 1:20 is way stronger than the chorus

The bridge sounds good, but again when it comes back out to the chorus it doesnt really pop much. i think part of it is the arrangement like I said before with the vocals sort of a bit too steady energy-wise

compare to this track: AIC has a little more overall cymbal level, more vox level, less bass level and the AIC chorus pops out nicely


It’s Boz’s song. It was for the contest last year.


I had some near Christmas down time and decided to do some revisions.