I know there are tons of resources out on the internet. But do any of you have specific books that you recommend that have seriously influenced your work?


This makes me realize that I need to read more books. I can think of influential books in other areas, but none when it comes to music. I mean, it’s not that I haven’t read any, but nothing comes to mind as being seriously influential. Though my memory for this sort of thing is terrible.

I’ve also been realizing lately that I know very little about music. Okay I’m all ears for other people’s suggestions. :slight_smile: Especially when it comes to books about the musical aspects as opposed to the engineering aspects.

I recently read Mixerman’s new book, but it’s too soon to say what kind of a long term impact it will have on me. I’ve also been listening to How Music Works by David Byrne, and that’s been quite interesting. I’ve read at least a couple other mixing related books I can think of, but this whole process has felt more like chipping away and learning a little at a time rather than being able to see turning points.


Music is a very wide subject. I’ve read a lot of books about it but you kind of have to narrow it down to know what to recommend. Like you say " chipping away a little at a time" from many sources seems to work the best.


Not specifically looking for an area of recommendations for me, just thought it might be interesting to discuss books that people have found important.

For me. I’d say Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio by Mike Senior was pretty important. It may have just been the timing, but I feel like some of the information in my head finally connected. Maybe he was just able to speak in a language I needed to hear.


Tech books are cool, I think most of it is on the net as well. I like biographies, I read this recently, Jim Morrison.


The Bible?


When I was in school this was our “textbook”. It’s a pretty great text, especially for the beginner, and is on it’s 9th edition now, so he’s trying to keep it as modern as possible.