Black Friday wish-list?

Just curious. Black Friday is just over a month away. I’m wondering what’s on peoples’ wish lists? Anything you got your eyes on? Anything you’ve been watching and waiting to come on sale?

I would snag Boz Digital Big Beautiful Door if it was a steal. I already have most of his other plug ins.

Money is quite limited this year, but I look for big deals and let that guide me.


Grab it Steve!!! It is the best. I use it all the time on my mixes.

Does anyone sell a Motivation plugin? I’d pay big money for one of those, if someone eventually creates one. It would have to be uploaded to my brain though, and science still hasn’t created a USB connection or any other connectivity to input data into my head. A Happiness plugin and an Energy plugin would be great also. I doubt I’d need many, if any other plugins if I owned these fantasy plugins.


@bozmillar ? Sounds like a job for you ^^^

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I have to find motivation myself in order to make a plugin for it. Maybe a plugin that reminds you to put pants on.


Oh, crap. I just realized I don’t have pants on! How embarrassing. :wink:

Pls keep me posted on the development of that app, Boz.

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Just In Time For Christmas


:scream: :dizzy_face:

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That almost felt like satire reading through it. What person would be ok with running electrodes into their brain in order to have this?

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It’s not obvious on the website, but this is an Elon Musk enterprise.


Just curious, has anyone else watched the Black Mirror series on NetFlix?

I mean, I get why people are wanting to research this idea. I just think we’re so far away from understanding how the brain works, and our brains are so closely intertwined with being alive, that it seems crazy that people would be open to having experiments done on their brain like this.

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I really like this idea even although I can see how it can be a bit creepy or strange.

In the video above they mention saving and replaying memories. You could upload your memories and transfer them to a robot. There’s also an implication that you could have vivid and total recall of many or every memory you’ve ever had. There’s just so many outlandish implications of this technology. Maybe this technology will be able to rewire our minds in incredible ways. Many years ago, I read that scientists were trying to make a computer chip for the human brain in order to improve our mental capacity. It’s like adding more RAM and a faster processor to our brains…as well as a larger hard drive, etc. Our intelligence would be vastly greater and we could develop a much better understanding of our world and ourselves. There would also be implants/ brain chips that would be used for helping us emotionally, so that we aren’t trapped in depression, anxiety, compulsion, obsession, fear, inertia, etc. Imagine a brain chip that kept you happy all the time. You could program yourself for happiness and productivity …and empathy…and love. BUT, of course the things could and would go wrong sometimes…This stuff is fascinating!

Ask nice he might give you it for xmas :smiley:

I s’pose this discussion wouldn’t be complete w/o mentioning deep brain stimulation for treatment of recalcitrant OCD. From PsychCentral:

"The procedure involves the implantation of tiny electrodes into structures deep inside the brain which then deliver very weak electric currents to help rebalance brain activity.

By stimulating different areas of the brain, such as a fiber tract within the internal capsule or the subthalamic nucleus, this technique can help improve clinical symptoms in some cases. Treatment success depends on the accurate placement of electrodes and requires extreme precision."

This has been around for a while now. A good description from Healthline:

"A doctor surgically implants tiny electrodes in the nucleus accumbens, which is the region of the brain responsible for:

  • dopamine and serotonin release
  • motivation
  • mood

The procedure requires multiple steps. First, the doctor places the electrodes. Then, a few days later they implant the wires and battery pack. The electrodes are connected via wires to a pacemaker-like device implanted in the chest that delivers pulses of electricity to the brain. The pulses, which are generally delivered constantly appear to block the firing of neurons and return the brain’s metabolism back to a state of equilibrium. The pacemaker can be programmed and controlled from outside the body by a handheld device.

Although doctors aren’t exactly sure why the pulses help the brain reset, the treatment appears to improve mood and give the person an overall sense of calm."

It’s only approved for OCD but “has” been used to treat severe anxiety, Parkinson’s, epilepsy and even though not officially approved, depression.

You actually control it with a hand-held remote to optimize it’s therapeutic effect.

Amazing stuff . . .

That said, I’m still curious to know what people are eyeing for Black Friday! :slight_smile:
(in fairness, I wasn’t clear in my original post that I was asking about plugins!).

:slight_smile: :smiley: :flushed:

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In my city, near Toronto, Canada, they offer a similar treatment for depression. It’s not invasive though. It’s more like the modern version of Electro Shock Treatment/ Therapy. I think they might refer to it as deep brain stimulation…or something like that. It’s a very gentle electric current that passes through electrodes placed on specific areas of a person’s skull. No incisions or invasive measures.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). I had one session and about 10 minutes into it, I began to feel giddily happy for no reason. Afterwards, I decided I didn’t like having my brain manipulated in ways that could have a myriad of unintended consequences. It’s a real money maker though.


yeah, that sounds scary. I get that we don’t control our brains as much as we would like to think, but the idea that sticking something on our head can make us feel a specific way is a bit unnerving. I guess it’s not much different from taking drugs, but at least drugs have more of a chemical targeting system rather than a physical location targeting system.

Something about recognizing that your thoughts can be altered by a machine is unnerving. I’m aware of the hypocrisy of this fear being that our thoughts are altered by all sorts of things we eat, drink and do.

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If we’re talking about plugins, this is the one we all need. (Inside joke for the old timers)