Black Friday Sales!

Okay. I’m thinkin’ one thread for BF sales might be the ticket! :slight_smile: Getting pretty cluttered.

So, here are four to start off the thread:

Canopener - @takka360 strongly rx’d CanOpener. I d/l’d the demo. Pretty nice. Subtle, but helpful. Anyway, from Goodhertz’s website:

“To celebrate our 5th Anniversary , all Goodhertz plugins will be 35% off for 4 days…”

So, $42 instead of $65.

Bassroom - $44, down from $59, at Plugin Boutique. This thing, as most of their plugs do, gets amazing reviews. Raving. This might be my only purchase for BF. Not sure yet.

Melodyne - all versions 50% off at Plugin Boutique

Echoboy - $49 at Plugin Boutique. 75% off. Haven’t used it, but I know this is a popular plugin.

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I’m leaning towards getting this one… I do have Ozone’s EQ matching feature, but this one seems like it would be more precise with the low end, and people say that the presets are very helpful, (as opposed to just comparing it to a particular song.) Plus my bass monitoring is more of a “sanity check” than a precise environment at this point. So… yeah I think it could be quite useful.

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Bassroom review at 11:55

Another list Black Friday



I picked up Bassroom after reading a pile of the reviews for it. Gonna give it a run through in the next couple of days… maybe on the new David Tyo track!

Among other goodies I also picked up Pulsar Mu and EchoRec, and the Sonnox Oxford Drum Gate. Pretty pumped to try these out.

If you’re in the mood to shop…

As an NI Komplete user, every few years I upgrade to the latest during the sale. Excited about Massive X.

URM-members can apply for soundtoys academic bundle for 100$ o.O

Go get it if you don’t have it yet. Its the total bundle. Just apply for academic and proof you’re a member by printscreen you reciet or something, and a pic of your pastport and boom. MEGA sale. Even worth it to subscribe to URM for a month :smiley:

:open_mouth: Wow! That’s amazing. My BF upgrade price is $95. Maybe someday I’ll spring for the full thing…

Whats BF mean in this post ? :slight_smile:

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Sorry, BF=Black Friday :slightly_smiling_face:

My big “get” was Overloud’s new Gem EQ84. It’s still on sale on their site and AudioDeluxe.

Besides sounding really good, what’s cool is that you can bypass the EQ section of the plugin by pushing the “EQL” button (on the lower right) and just use the Input to drive the audio signal for some color/saturation. The “Cue” buttons are a good feature too. They let you “solo” the current frequency you’re EQing. :+1:

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Ofcourse, how could that coin not drop :smiley:

I’m out of cash to spend on plugins now :smiley: haha.

My list for this seasons gear spending is complete :smiley:

  • Presonus studio 1824c
  • Fabfilter pro Q3 upgrade
  • Soundtoys 5 bundle (academic price. Still needs to be confirmed though)
  • 2x sm57 used.

Gotta stop now :smiley:

Unfortunately, my “budget” was/is a LOT more restricted. Trust me, there are some items on my list I really want to pick up, the SoundToys upgrade being one of them. Regarding that, here’s the page Jelle is referring to. That’s an amazing price! You never know, can’t hurt to ask.

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Indeed, you have a NO, a Yes you can get :smiley:

But URM users should get it. At least its all over the URM forum.
For those who don’t know URM, maybe Nail the mix rings a bell :slight_smile:

About 20$ a month, and you can cancel every month, so 120$ for the total bundle :wink:

Good luck

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One of my favorite plugs is TDR Nova (the dynamic eq). I still think it’s amazing you can get it for free. However there’s also the Gentleman’s edition which has a couple of very useful extra features and costs about 60 euro’s normally. I (finally) bought it for 36 euro’s at Plugin Boutique. I’ve never seen it on sale before so if you’re interested…
While I was at it I also bought their Slick eq Gentleman’s edition for 18 euro’s. I use that as a subtle character eq.
Both eq’s have ‘smart’ options like match reference and de-resonate which I’d like to try out.
Again from Plugin Boutique I picked up W.A. productions “Ultimate MIDI Collection, featuring InstaChrod, InstaScale along with their new MIDIQ”
As a non keyboard player interested in playing interesting chords and melodies using a midi keyboard I’m hoping these are going to boost my creativity. It might well be one of those (sets of) plugins that I’ll never get round to, but then again it might become the secret to my success :partying_face: I liked the reviews and tutorials I found any way.

I’m not finding that offer. Soundtoys web page says you need to be a full-time student. Are you finding this on their site?

TDR Nove GE is awesome! But that’s the only one I own. But pretty much all of the Tokyo Dawn Labs plugins are on my wish list - especially the TDR SlickEQ Mastering…

You just have to apply for academic version. Make a copy of you payment reciet or a printscreen that shows that your account is active.

At least thats what they are saying on the urm private producers club. They claim its legit. Since I applied yesterday night, I have to wait for next week to get a comfirmation since its hand checked. Max 3 business days. If they don’t approve my reciet, I’m just gonna ask what they need, cause it should count for URM members.

Just do it :wink:

Ok it’s not cheap, but the Sonnox Oxford Drum Gate is pretty amazing. Easily the best drum gate I’ve used. It’s on sale for BF… or at least it was when I bought it!