Black Friday Plugin Deals

Black Friday Plugin Deals


I had to fight them tooth and nail for it. After name dropping, guilt tripping, and a bunch of threats, I hung up. 30 min they called me latter, and said they’d honor the price. So I think that is the Black Friday deal of all deals. Can’t believe it actually went through!


I wouldn’t worry about it @Jonathan , he should fine with it. No doubt he is buried under tons of BF orders. I once got a Waves plugin for my son and asked him if there was any way to put the serial on another account. He was like, “sure, just send me your son’s Waves email.” He works with you on Waves upgrades and stuff too. You just shoot him an email. But like I said, no doubt he is buried right now.


Nice you got it! The price was very good!


Wow. I think that was the easiest black friday ‘issue’ to fix of all of them. Checked me email this morning - solved.

Totally agree.


Hey, have you had a chance to try this thing yet? I really like what it does. Its old code, but that little drive saturation thing is golden!!


Yes, the compressor is quite nice as well! Very punchy on drums!


With you guys’ help, I made out pretty well with the Black Friday thing: the big ones I got include the Waves Gold Classic Bundle and the Classic Compressors Bundle. Also picked up the Scheps Omni.

I also picked up a few miscellaneous things, like the Hornet SongKey thing, as well as the bx_opto, and Neutron Elements (free); a few weeks ago I got Isotope Elements free as well. I did get that VPre from Black Rooster.

So, I’ll be getting a code for a free $29 plugin from Waves. I’m honestly not sure what to get! I’m sitting pretty good, esp after the Gold and Classic Comps bundles. More in those two than I’ll ever use.

I’d love any suggestions. As it turns out, I could have gotten the Omni as my freebie, as it’s still on sale today. I didn’t want to risk it going up, though, so I purchased it outright. Would love any thoughts on any of the Wave $29 plugs you guys use that aren’t in the gold bundle.

I think I’m sitting pretty good on compressors and EQs and reverbs/delays. I could probably use something more in the way of saturation/distortion/coloring. Not sure.

A few possibilities:
Reel ADT?
Scheps Parallel Particles?
L3 Multimaximizer? I’m leaning toward this one. I have the L1 in the Gold, but this probably would make that obsolete?
Kramer PIE Compressor?
PRS Super Models

Anything else?

Honestly, if it weren’t a freebie, I wouldn’t be purchasing anything else at this time. But, hey, it’s free!



Oh, BTW, I checked with Waves: the coupon expires end of day. Interesting.


Given what you have, the Cobalt Saphira is a much higher priority than any of these. The only other high-priority Waves plug I’d say to be on the lookout for is Smack Attack - but its not on sale at the moment. The reason being that you didn’t get a copy of Trans-X in the gold bundle.

About the L3- since you have the C4, its probably not important. The L1 that you have is much more useful in my opinion, and when the L1 does cut it, you have the Izotope limiter Elements package, that is arguably as good.

This PRS plugs are excellent. In my opinion, they’re very close to the Scuffham plugs in terms of quality, and have tweak ability options that aren’t in libraries like Guitar Rig, Torpedo, or Amp Farm.

The Kramer PIE is useful, but at this point, I don’t think it offers much that the Scheps omni comps and the Classic Comps don’t already give you. If you only have one voucher, again the Cobalt is a much higher priority.

Your best saturation plugin right now is that Omni strip. If you only need saturation, disable everything else on the plugin channel and just use the channel for the drive in the first module. That is a VERY well designed and extremely versatile thickening drive. You also have the Vitamin (in the gold bundle) which is a distortion/coloring tool … and when you add the Cobalt to those two, you’ll have three distinct types. A tape/console/drive, a harmonics generator, and an multi-band exciter. Those three will compliment each other extremely well, and all 3 do stuff the other 2 can’t.

I would say go for that Cobalt immediately, possibly the PRS plugs, and stay on the lookout for Smack Attack.


I was considering the PRS Super Models so I grabbed the demo. While they sounded great and I seemed to have fantastic sustain going on… they seemed extremely noisy even with a humbucker. They snap, crackled and popped like a bowl of radio-active Rice-Krispies… and the built in gate didn’t help. Not sure what the deal is as I have other amp models that run much more quietly. Put a Boss OD-1 in front and boy did it sing… but the in between bits were so noisy it made it unusable. Even with the guitar volume turned all the way down. Weird.


I had to stay on a budget being officially retired now, and only bought two things-

ProVocative from Boz $19.00

Korg M1 VSTi $49.99

The Korg M1 was not on sale; however, I saw it is now being sold individually outside the bundle, and I loved its beautiful sound back in the day. In my memory it was certainly even more impressive, but I am still quite happy with what it is.

Here’s a Christmas carol I just wrote using just these plug-ins plus a couple other Boz effects (Hoser XT and Imperial Delay). It’s called Christmas Fantasies and a very early version. The vocal effects are subtle, but I do think there is a thickening going on, and I think my diction is understandable. And those Korg layers are so dang Christmasy!


I’ve got to plug my favourite amp sim company from Indonesia -

Their stuff is dirt cheap normally, and the Black Friday sales make them ridiculously cheaper. I would very much recommend the Vermillion and Creme amps - I cannot say enough nice things about them. I actually bought their Wah pedal today to use with my Midi wah pedal!!


How long is their Black Friday sale going on? It looks like it’s still happening, but they give no deadline for it to end that I can see.


I won’t even ask you about your moniker, mad psychotic (?), but it does make me smile! But i will ask about the Kuassa amps, cuz someone else mentioned them in another thread somewhere (maybe it was you?).

So, not being familiar with Kuassa at all, could you clarify for me: looking at their webpage, it would appear that every “amp” would be known by the plugin name that starts with “Amplifikation,” correct? And each such plug includes everything needed for that amp (head, cabinet, but no effects other than gate)? Am I correct?

I’ve tried a ton of different amp sims, from freebies like PeLou/LeCab, Nick Crow, etc. to commercial products like Guitar Rig, Amplitube, S-Gear, etc.

Several of them sound okay, but the only one I’ve found that “feels” like I’m playing out of a real amp is S-Gear. I love the feel and the sound of S-Gear, but I absolutely can’t stand the organization of the libraries, Clunky and limited. Ugh.

I have heard great things about Overloud’s amp sims, but haven’t tried them.

Would love your impressions on how it compares to any of the above, esp S-Gear. Have you tried any of those? How’s their support and how often do they update their product line? What is it you like about them? Are they memory hogs? How do they blend in a mix?

While I wait for your reply, I’m gonna download a demo or two to test drive! Will post my impressions as well.
Thanks, man.


I thought it was 3 days, two days ago! Which means I’m theory today is the last day of the sale. Keep in mind the time difference between Indonesia and the US and that might affect the deadline somewhat.


Thanks! It just really irks me when sellers don’t put a deadline on a sale, so you know what you’re dealing with. And especially in this case, they should specify a deadline and a time zone that the deadline applies to.


I might have a problem as far as Amp sims go… Currently, I’ve got Bias Amp, Mercuriall (3 different ones), some Audio Assault amps that cost almost nothing, the free ones PeLou, as well as Guitar Rig, and some other various amps I’ve acquired from magazine discs.

I heard about Kuassa from a podcast a few years ago, and I looked them up. Their prices used to be a little higher back in those days, so I patiently waited for a sale, and snapped up Vermillion and Creme. What I noticed immediately was that they were a lot lighter on my CPU than my other amps. If you open an instance of Bias Amp, you literally get to adjust the amp, preamp, power supply, tubes, cabs, wires, capacitors, resistors, and practically the solder joints of the plugin. It’s insane.

With Kuassa amps, my feeling is that it’s the closest to using an amp in real life. I find the presets aren’t that good, so I end up treating it like a real amp. I turn the gain down, eq’s to 12 O’clock, set the channel and then work the amp to the sound I’m after. You get the normal amp controls, a gate, and reverb. The amps come with 2 cabs, so you can mix the cabs, while changing the mics and positions of those mics as well. You also get a IR loader if you want to bypass the cabs.

For me personally, the price point is just low enough to buy even if I use them occasionally. But whenever I go through my projects and work on them, I’m amazed just how often I use them in my guitar tracks.


Just checked - got an email on the the 29th and it looked like this:


Melda Production’s Cyber Monday sale has been extended through the weekend.

Of particular note is the new MTurboDelay on sale for 25 Euros introductory price. I didn’t think I’d be at all interested, but after watching this video, I’m kind of tempted! I like the built in “ducking” feature. Melda attaches “Turbo” to a plugin that is intended to be the end-all, do-it-all plugin. (i.e. MTurboCompressor or MTurboReverb). And this one certainly looks like it can pretty much do it all.

Feel free to use my referral code “MELDA2490257” for an additional 20% off if this is your first Melda purchase too! :+1:

Also, I’m not sure if he’s doing it any more, but you would get a 20 Euro credit just for signing up for the news letter. (I spent mine on the multi-band distortion.)


I am very pleased with my 50% off deal for Native Instruments Session Horns. I’ve been wanting some usable horns for funk/ soul or funky rock purposes ever since my not so brilliant attempt at mixing in some free orchestral horns in my ‘Funky Fever’ interpretation of Fever (50’s mix competition). If I want a chance at reachting number one I definitely need some decent horns! And these sound good and are quite easy to manipulate with a midi keyboard.

By the way, anybody else use a horns section? What plugin do you use?