Black Friday Plugin Deals

Black Friday Plugin Deals


I’m almost certain that Waves classic comps will drop down to $50-$60 pretty soon. I can’t imagine them running a holiday sale without including those at some point.


There’s a crazy Softube sale @ Musicians Friends website.

The Summit Audio Channel for 19.00|CategorySiloedViewCP

And the Trident-A Range eq for 23.00


Hmmm, I’d jump on the Trident A-range, but it says licenses strictly for the USA only. I’m in the UK. I wonder if they’d know…


Huh. I don’t have this one. Thats definitely a buy for me. Wow.

Does anyone see these on any other sites cheaper than $19?


Dang!!! I don’t have a DAW on me… Cristina… have you tried this? OMG would this be convenient to have. Does it work? I don’t have perfect pitch, nor do I have keyboards or guitars readily available sometimes when I’m mixing. I was thinking about tossing this on a template and leaving it open on the 2 bus when autotuning because its less distracting workflow wise than to create a track, put in instrument on it, wait for it to load, plunk around on it, then delete it. For $5 I don’t have much to lose even if it doesn’t, but if anything, I thought I’d ask before I forget.


So here’s my personal Black Friday gonna-buy/too good to pass up list so far if anyone is curious. Some of these I’m really wanting aren’t on sale yet, and I’m hoping they might nosedive on Cyber Monday.

Melodyne upgrade $49
Softube Summit $19
Black Rooster 2A $39
Black Rooster V Pre $9
Hornet Song Key Mk2 $5
PA: SSL E $99
PA: HG2 - need the rest of these to go on sale!!
PA: Refinement
PA: Cascade

I really really need:
Isotope Insight 2 and the UAD Ampeg SVT amp sim but those things STUBBORNLY refuse to go on sale!!


I only used one. Can’t remember the name of it but it was some type of auto-gain-staging plugin. I wasn’t impressed with it.

Buy hey, they’re very cheap and they do offer a no-questions-asked return/refund policy if you don’t like it.


I just saw the McDSP 6050 ultimate compressor/EQ/Saturation bundle go up for $49 Native and $69 HD. It’s normally $250… $69 is a definite buy price for me.

@Tesgin… that gives you all of those FETs and Optos and some amazing saturation in one shot. If you get this, don’t get the HD version, get the native for $49. The HD only matters for Pro Tools users… it allows your Pro Tools hardware to shoulder some of the processing work so the computer doesn’t have to think as hard.

I’m surprised that Waves classic comps hasn’t dropped below $100.


Great deal on McDSP. It does require iLok though.

So, I did pick up the Classic Compressors Bundle for $66 from My plan was to then cash in on the free $29 plug when you spend %0 thing that Waves has going on, BUT they have not sent me my link for the free plugin yet. If you purchase from Waves directly you get it within 30 min; if from a dealer they only promise that you’ll get it no later than the 26th. Waiting to see if they send me the email yet today. Don’t wanna blow the $29 Omni deal going on right now.

It’s so stressful! I can’t eat or sleep. I’m grinding my teeth. I’m nauseous! What should I do? :wink:

Hey, if that’s the biggest stress in my life, I’m doin’ okay, huh!

So, so far I got the Gold Bundle and Classic Compressors. C’mon, Omni. It’s your destiny! You are mine too!

Jonathan, I did go ahead and pick up that Hornet SongKey thing. What the heck!

Oh, and I gotta pick something up from Plugin Boutique or EveryPlugin or one of the retailers, so I can get the Neutron Elements give-away. Any suggestions? :slight_smile:


Aw Suck!!! That deal is already off the shelf?? I didn’t realize those rotated every hour. Damn.


Maybe it was a mistake by musicians friends. It was too cheap.

Audiodeluxe sale price is 135.00.


Haha I can relate. I’m not buying a lot of music related stuff this year, but we’re putting together a home gym, and I have various other things on my list, so it’s still been super stressful. It just feels like so much pressure. I can only handle so much online shopping at a time, sheesh.

Anyway, the 26th is cyber Monday. Waves might still be doing their sale then. If not, I guess you can wait until Omni goes on sale again in the future to use the voucher. Knowing Waves I bet it’ll go on sale between now and the new year. But hey, try not to sweat it too much! Sometimes I think to myself, “I would pay x amount of dollars to NOT have to go through this bullshit,” haha.


Ok. Just got off the phone with them. This is a really big screw up on their end. There are laws that require them to honor that price. They’re saying it was a typo and that their disclaimer does not require them to honor it. You can’t do that on a Black Friday…its getting people to click on the page hoping they’ll buy something else. I’m gonna bitch a fit to the better business bearau, post nasty little reviews from this all over the place, and anyone else I can possibly think of to try and get their attention. Sometimes it works.


Were you wanting to pick up the Omni? Its up for grabs right now… @miked can probably tell you where to get it $7 cheaper lol.

I have a really dang short list of plugins I wanted and that Summit was on my list :frowning:

My other biggie is the McDSP… If I would have only gotten those 2 plugins I probably would have been happy! :slight_smile: My list is pretty short this year too.


Yay!! Your plugin library is looking REEEEEAAAAL good right now lol…

I dunno… you’re the one with the Ph.D in this stuff!! You tell me.

I’m gonna get these.

lol… haha I think Boz said signed in and bought a copy of his own plugin to get a free copy of Ozone Elements :slight_smile:


Were you able to grab a copy?


Yes, both Summit Channel and Trident-A Range!


Wish I had more will power…I said my limit would be $100, but spent $345.

Day 1

Softube Summit Audio Grand Channel
$19.00 USD


Drum Riffs MIDI
Hip-Hop Grooves MIDI
Classic Rock Grooves
Blues MIDI
EZkeys String Machine - Regular
Dream Pop EZkeys MIDI
Hip-Hop EZkeys MIDI
Country Pop EZkeys MIDI

Applied Acoustics Systems Objeq Delay – Acoustic Filter and Delay
(US$): 59.00

DAY 2 -A good day for will power :smiley:
InstaSeries Bundle

DAY 3 -will power crumbled by asking “What if?”
Pop! EZX
Metal! EZX
Colin Richardson EZmix Pack
Lead Vocals 2 EZmix Pack
Lo-Fi EZmix Pack
Big Rock Guitars EZmix Pack


Unbelievable: that McDSP 6030 Ultimate Compressor can be bought at for $24.36.

Unfortunately, looks like the YNY23 code is dead. Still, what a price. Yowza!


@miked, you buy a lot of stuff from everyplugin…right? This was the first time I ordered from them and just my luck, I screwed up the order and bought accidentally bought x2 of the same McDSP HD bundles. I hope these guys are gonna be cool about it and refund the second… have your experiences with them been pretty good so far? I let them know as soon as I saw the receipt and I haven’t registered the plugins.