Behind The Glass (Initial Rough)

Behind The Glass (Initial Rough)
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Thanks Phil - Yes I can see how that could work.

Cool! Thanks Al!

Thanks Cptn! Good to hear from you again…Good advice - I’ll try not to break it. I’m trying something different with these new tracks - putting them down as fast as possible, then letting them rest and “marinate”, before revisiting them again with a fresh perspective.


Man…coming back to this. This is really nice. I know you are a perfectionist and very good at this craft, but I must put this out there again…do not change or add to this. If you want to replace with final instruments …fine. I would not add anything and I would question even having that bridge section added too. Your vox is damn near perfect for this and the “rough” music track is holding up very well. For the love of it fhumble keep this humble!


Thanks mate - Actually, that is the conclusion I had come to as well! I think I’m finally emerging from the “super-layered production” phase I’ve been going through for the past few years, trying to strip things back a bit, now. As much fun as it is to overdub and polish, it’s pretty exhausting to complete.


Im definitely becoming a fan!I wanna be like you when I grow up. :+1:


Thanks gredd - Glad you like it!