Behind The Glass (Initial Rough)

Behind The Glass (Initial Rough)
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you aint gotta be into the dude. I just said you sound like him lol. He is just your average grammy winner etc

I hope poor Aldo dont see this and breakdown


Oops, we kind of hijacked your thread. :upside_down_face:
You did ask for feedback and ideas on your song.

First, I’ll say I liked the tasty guitar solo. Lots of other good stuff too, nothing to really pick on except that tambourine/shaker that comes in periodically got my attention. It sounded too consistent and robotic. I know you said the mix is in a simple and static state at this point so that’s understandable. What I was hearing with that was a less rhythmic and swing/groove in the timing. Kind of a hit-rest-hit-hit-hit-rest-hit-rest-hit-rest-hit-hit-hit-rest-hit-rest-hit-rest-hit-hit-hit-rest-hit-rest-hit-rest-hit-hit-hit-rest-hit-rest … and so on. Whatever kind of fits in with the rhythm guitar groove.

Does that help?


Yeah, I was about to resort to invoking my Mods privileges for evil and deleting your posts :scream:… no only kidding…just stirring you up :face_with_raised_eyebrow::wink::joy:

Yeah, that’s great input - thanks - I’ll work on that. I played the tambo live, and it’s unedited for timing, but I was kinda feeling that way about it too. Much appreciated :+1:


I’m Canadian and I ABSOLUTELY agree with you. I wasn’t particularly impressed with Aldo Nova or Triumph…although Thunder Seven (a Triumph album had some decent songs on it). Australia had way greater bands at that time…namely AC/DC…I also love that song "Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil.

Canada had RUSH, Brian Adams (a pretty good pop rock songwriter, though not my stylistic ideal), Prism, The Guess Who (70’s era), April Wine, Trooper and some other decent bands, but then again we have to accept blame for Shania Twain, Justin Beiber, Loverboy and to a lesser degree Nickelback ! :scream:…, but AC/DC changed hard rock music when they broke big in America. Love everything they did before 1981…and a lot of what they did after also.

God I just realized…We’re now churning out crap like Drake and The Weekend, also!!!:flushed::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I dig this song too. What’s your stage name, Andrew?


Very, very nice start. It’s the type of song that shouldn’t need a lot of embellishment as far as instruments are concerned. While you’re working on it, my main suggestion would be to think about how you could add some rhythmic variation to the lead vocal line. You’ve worked pretty hard to get everything to fit syllable by syllable, which is great, but maybe thinking about how you could alter that a bit would add a little more spice to it. There’s room for some dramatic phrasing in there if you want.


Then that’s some pretty consistent playing, mister. :slightly_smiling_face: I might have guessed it was a MIDI/sample drop-in onto the grid.


Thanks Al - I do very little live playing these days, so I don’t have one. I’m just putting the final overdubs on the last track of a ten song album. Once that is mixed, I’ll probably put it out under the name “Fytakyte” (pronounced Fighter-Kite)… Here’s a few tracks from that:


Yup, I surprised myself with that too!


Thanks Bob… Actually, I must confess, I didn’t work very hard on the lyrics at all - just sang the first thing that came to mind and it seemed to work!.. But you definitely have a point - I usually find phrasing develops the more I get “inside” the song - It’s pretty raw at present, so there is a lot of room for development there… Thanks mate! :+1:


forgive my ignorance…people buy the dloads off bandcamp or they are just free?


You can do either, depending on how you set up the account preferences.


they take a cut?
is that about the easiest way to sell MP3s online?


I have no idea - I’ve never sold a single thing online - Do people even buy downloads anymore?


somebody somewhere is buying something…lotta people selling their souls to join the game. Lotta people livin large that aint never worked a day in their lives…the money is coming from somewhere


Nice song, nicely recorded, nicely produced, nice performance as well…
I don’t find anything to spot on to fix and I really like the overall tone, sound choices and so on…
What I could add maybe is adding a softer part (or change a regular one with a softer part) just after the solo to avoid the loopy feeling I could get. I got in mind The Joker from Steve Miller Band.

By the way, top job, as usual!!


Thanks Phil - a softer, contrasting section is a great idea. As I said, drums are just placeholders at the moment, so that probably explains the “loopy” feeling.


I was also thinking about bass guitar and electric guitars playing muted a bit.
I always awazed by the stunning sound you get, really “pro” to me!


I’ve added this song to my iTunes. It has given me a little inspiration and direction on a song I start working on earlier this year.


Do not break it, it is working just fine. Song structure is great, Emotional content is great…take your damn production hat off and relish in what you have achieved. Awesome!