Behind The Glass (Initial Rough)

Here’s a track I’ve been working on - more as a proof of concept at the moment. This is just a rough mix, with placeholder…well… placeholder everything… very simple arrangement and instrumentation - a plain-jane, static rough mix with no automation. Just putting it out there to see how it works as a song, and to get some feedback and ideas. Thanks in advance for listening and commenting!


This song gets the Big Al Seal of Approval. Such a thing does not really exist but I really dig this song. I’m sure there’s lots of stuff you could add to it but I personally LIKE the minimal amount of instruments.

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Sounds good to me CR, great guitar sound, good progression, lyrics, vocals and solo, not a whole lot to be done there. You’ll probably add some keys, BGV, etc?

The only thing I don’t like is that now there is a whole lot of rhythms emphasizing 1 and 3 in the rhythm guitar. When other parts are added this may not be a bother at all but now might be the time to give us a little variation there.

Good stuff!

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Hey Andrew, I’m loving the “farther” drum sound that you went with on this one. I got used to you close punchy drums that I almost thought this wasnt you mixing. :sweat_smile: The HIgh end of the acoustic guitars sits perfectly in the mix and tickles my ears when it the strums come in. good job. lovin the classic tone on the electric guitars. and the vocals, damn its really sounding good. If i may ask, what are you using to compress those vocals and acoustic guitars? cheers man you did a great job!



who is singing? I was hearing a familiar vibe but couldnt work out exactly who it sounds like

Then I realized it. Sounds a lot like Aldo Nova singing

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is it “behind the glAss”? or “gloss”?

thats the only thing that stands out as a bit weird. Glass doesnt really rhyme, but “gloss” doesnt really make much sense

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I mostly just listened to this for the songwriting…, not the mix and production. The song is solid and I think it some commercial appeal. I mostly focused on the vocals but I didn’t inspect them and everything else closely…I’m really tired and multitasking at the moment. But this song seems quite solid and it works. Good job!

Sounds like a really good initial, first draft of the mix. You really don’t have to add much spice to this one. It’s strong as it is already.

I found myself thinking, “I wonder how this guy’s vocals would sound on a hard rock/ metal song”? Something about your voice is making me think that you might have a really cool “rockin” vocal sound if your were pushing your vocal hard and singing high…Like an 80’s era metal singer. I’d be very interested to hear you sing something like that.

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Great Song… YES! More please… it has that classic ballad heart-catch vibe to it and really suits your voice. There is an easy-listening hook to it with enough melodic/key twists to keep things interesting… really like it!

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Sounds great .Reminds me of Neal young .

Oh, but it does! I found a few candidates to choose from…

The standard…
3 big al

The ghetto…
4 big al

The pedo/creepy vibe…

The “home run”…
5 big al

The movers and shakers award…
6 big al

And the “second to none”…
2 bigalpaintcan

You’re welcome @BigAlRocks


I’ve become such a big fan of your music lately! This one is really coming along great! I’m still at the early listening stage of this so far, so I can’t really add much in terms of feedback other than the fact that I’m loving this song. :beerbanger:

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Love the singer. You? Great vibe, got me swaying back and forth. Some high vox notes there, holy cow. Like the chorus, but there wasn’t much lift because of the high singing in the beginning. ha ha Nice guitar, especially the last note snarl. Like to hear it real quiet somewhere and then take off again??? You call this a demo??? seriously???

Its a dandy Andy


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Thanks Al - that’s good enough for me!

Thank Ingo - good points - I’ll experiment with some more variety there.

Thanks Brian - all the sounds are kind of temporary at present. I was experimenting with a new plate verb for the drum sound. The vocal has the CLA 76 into CLA2A combination. There is Slate V TM, a little FG stress and FG 401 on there too, as well the ReaEQ, Slate Neve EQ & Slate Custom EQ. The acoustic had VTM, FG Stress and a Custom EQ on it too.

Thanks JJ - that’s me singing… I’ve never heard of Aldo Nova - It’s always hard to be too objective about you’re own voice (I have a tendency to hate mine), so it’s interesting to get other viewpoints.

It’s “Behind the Glass”. I’m Australian - we pronounce “glass” similar to the English, with the soft “ah” sound… so the rhyming scheme works with my accent.

Yeah, I’m thinking of keeping it simpler…Thanks for listening and commenting, W - much appreciated!

This is about the hardest rockin’ thing I’ve done recently:

Thanks Emma - I appreciate the kind comments - still trying to subvert the classic chord progressions ever-so-slightly!

Thanks Allan - Ah - yes! you got it in one - definitely an influence on this track.

Hey, thanks for chiming in Bryan!



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Haha, thanks Paul - yeah this was done (comparatively) quickly for me - so yeah, not finished yet - I’ll probably tweak/change most of the parts.

I was thinking about singing the first verse in a lower register to give the chorus a bit more of a lift, but I’m not real confident down there, and I had a terrible head cold while singing this - lots of gunk in my sinuses and on my vocal chords, which really tends to mess with my lower register more than my high register.

Thanks for the thoughtful comments!

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No, never heard him before. Was he big in the US in the '80s? A lot of the stuff that was massively popular over in the US never made an impact here (& vice-versa).


he wasnt that big…like 5’4" I think

those 2 songs came from his first album in 1982. The album went into the top 10 etc. He didnt really follow it up. I think he got into partying but he also gottinto songwriting for others and producing. Did some writing and producing for Celine Dion

He was buds with Bon Jovi and he played on BonJovis first album and wrote the riff for “Blaze of Glory” etc

I saw this on wiki, which I didnt realize. “After supporting the Twitch album Nova asked to be released from his contract, which the record company would not do. Nova decided to move to Montreal and work on jingles, waiting for his contract to expire in 1991, stating he would not work on an album he didn’t have full creative control over.”

pretty crazy cuz he’s from Canada lol

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dude could write some nice smooth ballady stuff

His solos were always mini compositions

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It’s a cool song Andrew. Interesting to hear you experimenting.

I suppose Andrew sounds a little bit like Aldo Nova (or vice-versa), though before I saw the post and was listening to Andrew’s track I thought “he really sounds a lot like Rik Emmett” (who was in Triumph out of Canada many years ago). With a little more ‘twang’ in the voice though.

Andrew, you might actually like Aldo Nova even though you hadn't heard of him before. He did make some significant contributions to music, at least on this side of the globe.

Ha, that “Fantasy” video is so cheezy (but cool). I had only seen the video the first time a few years ago, but the song was huge for me back in the early 80’s. The video was probably on MTV but I didn’t keep up with that regularly back then. It quickly became cliché.

He also worked with Blue Öyster Cult, and did a lot of the work on “Take Me Away” (off The Revölution by Night album) while the band wasn’t even in the studio, basically built the song framework.


Thanks Stan - glad you liked the track…

Yeah, I listened to the tracks posted, but this Aldo guy is really not my thing… No disrespect to his success or talent, or to you or JJ, but it’s really just not a style of music interests or excites me - same with Triumph. I can understand why those artists from that era never broke over here - it’s probably a cultural divide, especially for people my age. You see, the Australian rock scene was at its absolute zenith at the time, and we had a lot of ferocious stuff to choose from…

Each to his own… Now can we please stop talking about Also Whatshisname? :grimacing::slightly_smiling_face:

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