Bash This ....Music Video

Not sure if this is the right place to post this…It’s my song but I’m interested to know what people think of the video too.

All opinions appreciated. Even the harsh ones.


Totally the right place to post this! I’ll try to check it out tonight!!

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So that’s you performing the song, all the parts, right? It took me a moment to catch on to that as each performer had a different ‘look’ (very clever character work). Then I was like “heyyyyyy”. :bulb:

I really like the song. I found the video so entertaining I didn’t go into critique mode with the music. Nothing jumped out at me which is usually a good sign, but I’ll have to come back with fresh ears for any audio critique. Even without the video, I think the song keeps musical interest throughout, which is awesome for an instrumental!

The camera work and editing (the shifting camera shots and angles) seems really good.

The guitar kind of looks like a B.C. Rich Warlock, but not exactly (and very different headstock and logo), just curious what it is.

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Hey Stan, thanks for giving it a look and listen.

Yes, that’s me performing all the parts. I shot 13 different video clips with some variations in my appearance. I discovered that 13 video clips is a bit of a nightmare to edit, but as I went through the process I realized that at least 4 of those clips were disposable, so I discarded them.

My guitar is a Phantom Warlock. I bought it in 1987. It’s strange that I’ve never seen or heard of Phantom guitars since then…or even before then. But yes, my guitar is much like a B.C. Rich Warlock. In 1987 I wanted something with a floating bridge - whammy bar so that I could do dive bombs and the weird Eddie Van Halen tricks. I think the original bridge I had on my guitar at that time was a Khaler. It ended up being a PITA, so I got the guitar tech at my local music store to lock the bridge and gave up on the dive bombs/ whammy bar tricks.

I’m really glad you found the video entertaining! It’s always difficult to know how others will perceive our creations.

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Very cool - I enjoyed it. I took a look at the video first, then I switched off the video and just listened to the audio to focus on that. Spot on for both counts!..

Personal taste: I’d prefer to tuck the low mids of the mix in just a little - a small dip around 200hz, and maybe a tiny bit more cymbal/high end to drive the excitement factor a bit harder.

Nice work :beerbang:

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Thanks for taking the time to check out my work and commenting @ColdRoomStudio
…, Andrew, I do believe. Hope I remembered your name correctly. :anguished:

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the sound is great from what im hearing. the video seems well done as in lighting and all that though the script/scenes dont change much … im not a film producer but it seems for a full video theres some script or something else other than a guy playing the instruments.
like a fast car ride or jet-overhead shot included in the video…maybe some hot naked women dancing in the background…I dont know. I guess the pro’s use the blue screen background and then add the “movie acting” stuff. But seriously for the sound and the filing as in clarity and lighting and all that its great. Far more than most HR quality videos Ive seen (which most are car repair or something videos). seems to me this is the future, videos not just recordings…it was discussed some at the old RR site. I admit when I go to listen to music these days 70% of the time its youtube (video + music).

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Absolutely great, loved it. You may end up starting a new trend here at IRD

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Cool stuff! Sound was great, nicely balanced. Video was amusing (especially ‘the bass player’) and well shot/edited.

When I listen to things I can’t help but draw mental comparisons… as it started it made me think of classic Rush… then suddenly Molly Hatchet showed up :slight_smile: An interesting juxtaposition of styles that worked out really well.

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Thanks CCbro!

Wouldn’t that be FUN ?! :smiley:
I’m thinking of adding more variety to the scenery in my next video. Maybe some interesting nature scenes or city shots with some movement.

Since the late 70’s video seems to have become more and more important. For quite a few years now I’ve realized that if I want people to pay attention to my music, I need to stop hiding being the audio recordings and show myself, though I’ve been very reluctant to do that because I tend to be introverted and quite shy…Although when I perform in front of an audience I usually appear to be very outgoing and sociable.

Thanks Kinfolk !

I’d love it if others posted video with their music ! That would make it so much easier to get a feel for the artist./ musician.

Thanks Skua !
The bass player is me…and so are the rest of the band members. :grinning:

I totally agree with you about the intro sounding like RUSH and then the solo and the main riff sounding similar to Molly Hatchet. When I wrote the song I was aware of the RUSH influence but only after the song was finished did I realize that some parts of the guitar were reminiscent of Molly Hatchet.BTW, “Flirtin With Disaster” was a great Molly Hatchet song…as well as “Dreams I’ll Never See”.

:laughing: yeah I realize ‘they’ were all ‘you.’ It’s just that you were really grooving playing that bass! It was great! I look forward to your next video!

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Ha, I remarked before (earlier thread) about how similar our musical journey’s have been in many ways. Though I never heard of Phantom guitars, I have a B.C. Rich “Bich” that I got around '84-85. It also has a Kahler tremolo, but unlike your experience mine worked like a charm. But in similarity, yeah, I was after Eddie’s sound and massive Kamikaze dive bombs! I had tons of fun with that thing, and I have been meaning to get it out of hibernation and play it again.

I had meant to mention that in my first post. The MH thing totally grabbed me after the intro and some bars, a kind of turnaround or changeup to the riff I think. The guitar solo especially so.

Another commonality. I’m quite an introvert, but loved to play live, or for anybody who would listen for 5 minutes. It’s like Jekyll and Hyde … alter ego.

Just FYI, I discovered a thing called HSP (Highly Sensitive People) a few years back, and learning about it has been revolutionary in my understanding of myself. It’s worth checking out if you’re interested. I believe the majority of musicians, actors, and artists are HSP. As well as technical “behind the scenes” roles in the arts and sciences, and philosophers and psychologists etc. By comparison, you might not find that many in the military or police, or sales. :rolling_eyes:

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Sweet arrangement. A progressive masterpiece, lots of talent being displayed here!

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Yeah, we definitely have a lot of musical similarities.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to hear some of your recordings. Maybe when you get the BC Rich out of hibernation we’ll get to hear a sample !

Funny that you mention Jekyll and Hide…I’ve been thinking about the concept of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide for the last 5 days…, because there’s this woman I know that turns into Mrs. Hyde when she gets a little drunk. I was contemplating writing some lyrics with that idea in mind.

I’m definitely going to check out the HSP thing that you mentioned. Thanks for that !
It’s interesting that I relate very strongly to technical “behind the scenes” roles in the arts and sciences, and philosophers and psychologists but I have almost an aversion to military, police and sales, though I wish I was a natural born salesman, because it would help me sell my music.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and your comments Gredd ! I appreciate it.

Nice job!

I agree with most of the comments made, and I will add:

I would take off those shades and engage with the camera more. People like to watch people, and you’re kinda shying away from them.

More action! - Like your bass playing character.! After the first couple of seconds the interest in somebody sat down playing guitar tends to wane.

Get out of the house for better backgrounds. Couches are not very rock n roll.

Definitely add some naked girls. +1 on that.

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Wow, this is as good as it gets for me. Fantastic playing and the guitar sounds are amazing. I can see this took some serious time to put together, and I for one appreciate it. Do you do house calls??



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As a non-guitarist but hailing from the age of big rock guitar, I thoroughly enjoyed the music and the video. I thought you did a fantastic job on the video editing, dude, because it is a totally separate skill set from the music making part. I have found I have a lot of creative energy in the song creation area and pretty much fizzle out when it gets to the video idea, even when I have a half-assed idea of what I imagine the video to be, so many kudos for pulling it off so well.

I would consider this a video aimed at guitarists and those who marvel at the virtuoso execution on display here with plenty of closeups on the action. I’m sure adding a storyline video track wouldn’t detract from that, and it might make watching the video more interesting for a broader audience.

And like so many others, I do find myself finding music at Youtube more often than not, video quality notwithstanding.

So my question is, how much energy and enthusiasm do you have for the video making part? First, a song with all the guitar plus vocals with a relatable video is the next step. It is so not easy! But maybe the reason is we all need some assistance putting all those elements into it unless you are one of the few who can do every part as well as you play the instruments.

And from the video creator perspective, there is no video without the music, which is probably beyond the scope of his abilities. So it is a shame that we aren’t hooking up the two talents with eHarmony accuracy yet, I don’t think the internet has risen to that level yet.

And lastly, there is the jump from being a one man/band show to being a part of a larger project that includes video, song and lyric writing including arrangement, and promotion. It isn’t natural for most everybody to be able to let go of parts of the creative process no matter how much we know it would be great when we never before had those resources available. It is tempting to try to learn to do it all nowadays, after all, the video recording quality and production is so desktop, it can be done.

And my answer is, go for it! Keep making videos, get a little better at it each time, get your stuff online, but dream of a day when you can involve other non-musicians in a video. It will never happen until you imagine it and relent to it. And it could be the day is coming soon when that musical eHarmony site becomes a reality. I think it is already being tried, just has not caught on.

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