Bash This ....Music Video

Bash This ....Music Video
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Thanks AJ !

Your point about taking off the shades and engaging with the camera more is an excellent one! That had been at the periphery of my mind while I was making the video. I know that people will usually relate more to the artist if the artist exposes themselves more. That’s a mental- emotional hurdle I have to get over. It’s good that you brought that up because I think I needed someone else to confirm that for me. :thumbsup:

Yeah, couch sitting isn’t very Rock n Roll for sure, haha. I want to get some out door shots next time and some camera movement. I filmed everything by myself , so I was unable to have motion from the perspective of the camera operator.
I’ll try to get some naked girls for my next video…I don’t think I can afford to hire any 10’s though…I might have to settle for a couple of 3’s. :sob:…Oh well 3 out of 10 ain’t bad, I suppose. :joy:


Haha, Paul…I only do house calls for the ladies :heart_eyes::joy:

Thanks for the appreciation Paul ! Much appreciated !


Thanks for your comments Steban!

Yes, I think having a story line would be more interesting for a wider viewing audience. I figured that a performance video would be easier to do, so that’s why I didn’t create a story. In the future I’ll very likely do videos with a story line but I will probably continue to do performance videos…,because they’re not as time and energy intense. Even this video took so much work. It was a pain in the ass! Haha :laughing:

.Actually, I don’t think any worthwhile, quality video or audio recording that I’ve ever done was truly “easy”. It seems like everything I do requires sweat, perseverance, discomfort and pain. The easiest thing is coming up with the creative ideas…But there can be so many ideas that rush into my brain that I don’t know where to start…Which idea should I follow?..Which direction should I go?..Making choices is the first step and the hardest step…But after you’ve made one choice, then you have to take another choice. Step by step until you’ve walked 10, 000 steps to your final destination. I’m sure many of us here have to work and toil to achieve a quality recording and final product. Especially the do-it-yourselfers!

My energy and enthusiasm has it’s limits, for sure, but I will put myself through a lot of discomfort to create something that I think is worthy of “bringing to life”. I used to be much more enthusiastic but now I’m more patient and much more discerning and detail oriented…Sometimes so much, that it makes recording and video making a real chore!

Honestly…, it’s a lot of work! It really does feel like work, BUT it’s also gratifying to know that you created something half decent. Sometimes while I’m working on my projects I feel like “Why am I doing this?” “Nobody is interested in this shit anyway.” “Yet, here I am working my ass off…and nobody will ever understand how much blood, sweat and tears this requires.” But, I love music and I love creating! Music is the most beautiful thing…As long as I’m alive I’ll continue trying…in life and in music, even if nothing I do matters to anyone.

For the last many years I’ve been recording music by myself, playing all the instruments and trying to improve my recording/ mixing. Sometimes I try to get my brothers involved, but they don’t have as much time or energy as they used to…and they have other commitments now. They’re both talented but they aren’t as committed as me, so I do this stuff alone…And I can’t complain because I kind of prefer to have all the creative control…But gigging isn’t so easy now, haha. :laughing:


Very wicked guitar, bass and drum playing. The music has that Blackfoot, Molly hatchet groove going on and yes I like it. Damn that back and forth of the video had to take some time too do?

AS for the mix, the low mids need some work just feels a little thick on my end. I’m watching you play the drums, but it sounds like a drum machine, try adjusting the velocity of the snare and kic on the midi track to see if it helps any.

Great job on the playing!


Thanks Jerze!

Yeah, that took a lot of time. I often track how long I take to record the audio (guitar, bass, drums, vocals, etc) for my songs, but I didn’t keep track of the amount of time it took to complete the editing or video shooting for this video. I will probably track the amount of hours it takes to complete my next video. It’s always interesting to know the amount of time I’ve spent working on a project. I’m a little anal when it comes to things like that.

Thanks for that advice. Always good to have another pair of ears helping out !

The drums were recorded with me playing live, through the electronic drum kit that you see. I didn’t use midi or any outside software. No quantizing or drum editing at all. I used an old Alesis D4 module with the drum pads that you see in the video. When I loaded my video on to youtube, I noticed a subtle misalignment with the music and the video…, It really irritated me at first, but then I figured it’s not very noticeable, and many famous videos that I’ve watched seem to be slightly out of sync also. It bothered me though, because I put so much effort into making everything synch up so tightly…then youtube goes and does that. :grimacing:



It’s really awesome. If I had to say anything I would say the playing isn’t exactly matching up with the music, but hey who cares it’s awesome and you have a giant beard.


Thanks Chaos!

When I uploaded my video to youtube the audio and the video went slightly out of sync for some unknown reason. I especially could see it when I’m striking the snare drum in the video. At first it really bothered me then I remembered that so many old pro videos from the 80’s and 70’s are often out of sync, so I relaxed and learned to accept it.

My giant beard helps me play better. :grinning: