Bash the pants off of it!

I wrote, played every instrument and did the singing.
This one goes out to Brandon Drury


@ColdRoomStudio in the house lol hey there !!!
Thank you for the like brother

Sounding good. I do think that you could add some ‘room’. Just a little too dry for me.

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can you elaborate please :slight_smile:

Great vibe. Love your voice man. That little vibrato on the end. Harmonies tight. Boy, this is going to hard to fault anything. So much candy in here. Liked the little girl thought. Time is definitely on MY side:) ha ha Really nice Derek.




thank you for listening, and thank you for the compliments feaker.
I was waiting for someone to say the drums are loud lol, and the reason is i only have 2 overheads and a kick mic in a small room.
I got excited when i was tracking and should’ve did it over, but i said screw it, leave it.

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Yep if you have all the or the buses going to 1 or more reverbs then i would increase the hall reverb some just to give it a little more of a room feel.


I thought thats what you meant, but i wanted to ask.
i have only a hint of verb on the lead vox, harmonies.
This song sounded better a little more on the tighter side, but i will give it a try to see how it sounds.
I also thought there was just enough room sound from the kit in a small room :slight_smile:

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Yeah like i said this is a personal taste thing and i think it is a case of a little goes a long way so i would probably not want much.

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Cool song Derek, I really like your style!
Man your vocals are always so good! I’m so jealous! :sweat_smile:

Drums are much too much too loud though. I’m missing some real bass to go with them, and the rest of the instrumentation which is good is rather dwarfed by them.
I was going to say to remove some room on the drums, but it looks like you can’t :slight_smile:
So perhaps as Red said above, go the other way and make it all fit in a bigger room.

Not a fan of the the bare kick/snare pattern you do starting 3:10, it’s a bit too bare.
I was dying for some cymbals/percussion something. It kind of kills your groove which is very good elsewhere…

Still a great start, but mix needs some work on the levels and if you could do something about this kick/snare part, that would make it much better IMHO.

Great job still!

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The hh stands out a fair bit and I agree with Pat some more bass wouldn’t go a miss.
I would also like the snare to have less transient snap as its a bit sharp at times

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Thank you for listening, i guess i am a big fan out the out in front, in your face sound.
Maybe not on every tune, but i enjoy the direct sound without a lot of stuff on it.
I thought the bass guitar was doing the song some good, but i will try to push it and see where it goes, thank you takka360 !!

How are you ptalbot ???
Great to see you here,
Im so self conscious of my voice, to me its the weakest out of everything i play, I’m more of a musician.
But thank you.
I knew the drums were hitting my brain against my skull lololol
I am playing a real bass,
the kick and snare thing at 3:10 was my favorite part of the song hahaha.
I ordinarily would not play that kind of pattern ever, but it just felt good in my toes.
Ive also been thinking about percussion, i also felt it needed it.
Thank you brother for the in depth love.

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Oh come on now! Don’t even start me on this!!! > EQ your own voice

What I meant was more volume from the bass in the mix. It could make the mix fuller.

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hahaha i am being honest, its a long story, but the short end is, i was tossed into singing, because the singer i was working with started to not make rehearsals, and at that point i was already playing drums,guitar and piano plus writing tons of tunes.
So i had a choice to either get another singer to work with, or learn myself, and because i was so broken hearted from having to go my own way, i wasn’t going to trust someone else with my music, so thats when i took it up, and it was a painful, terrible road, because the vocalist i was working with was a god given naturally gifted singer,
i never wanted to sing other than an ocasional background vocal,
, I love the writing, arranging and playing.
I will bring up the bass lol

A million thank you’s
at the moment i will appear very dim HAHA

This was great man !!!

Good morning,
i lowered the drums by 2db, raised the bass by 1db and made it a little fuller overall.
Naturally because i lowered the drums, everything else is louder, but i didn’t touch anything else, because i wanted to see what you thought as it is.
I also raised the reverb level on the lead vocals.