Anyone still using a Pro Tools theme in Reaper?

I see some ‘skins’ that make Reaper look like Pro Tools. I’m really used to working in PT and would love it if someone could point me toward one that’s up to date and works well with the latest version or Reaper

The only one I know of is that Albert-C one, and I’m sure it’s easy to find on the Cockos/Reaper forum or by Google search. I installed it again a few months ago when there was another thread about Reaper themes, so I’d say it works with Reaper 5 just fine. We’re pretty close to jumping to Reaper 6, but nothing says you have to upgrade. I tried that theme years ago when switching from Pro Tools to Reaper, so it’s been around a long time and I’d guess the designer is keeping it up to date.

Yeah, I agree with Stan, that the Albert-C theme is pretty nice. See the thread on this from back in November for d/l info.

The most popular repository for Reaper themes that I’m aware of is A search there for protools themes shows this theme, ProTools 12.5_MC, which was the most recent update, which was in January. I think it’s pretty nice-looking:

There’s also one named Pro Tools 12.5, which was a tweak of the Albert-C Pro X Tools theme to make it look more like Pro Tools 12.5. That one was uploaded in September:

There are more there, but those are the most current.

Hope that helps.

Ah! Thank you! :slight_smile: