Anybody want to be an Interstellar Fur Trader?

Anybody want to be an Interstellar Fur Trader?


I do not hear “ours” at 5:30, just “our”. It is just not as crisp as the original. I’d say it is too de essed still, but only slightly. I’m noticing that the vocals and the bass are at equal volume when turned way down. That could be it, too. You are working with an imperfect vocal delivery, my friend, so I could be not loud enough in spots to begin with and maybe too loud other places. I’d please like to hear the vocal volume up a hair higher than the bass and a hair less de essed before BTR.


@steban and @Stan_Halen , here’s a version of Cue 1 and POBP song. Only changes are the de essing eq effect is lessened a bit and the vocal track volume is boosted a bit on the POBP song only. See what you think.



I just listened to this one, @ingolee, @Stan_Halen, especially to that one spot, and I can now just hear “ours” and easily hear “stars”. That to me is quite acceptable. And the rest of the vocals don’t seem to be negatively impacted either.

So I feel very good about this one being bashed. It is possible in my mind to imagine the bass, the piano, to each be brought up in volume once for a couple bars at a point like a feature in the front, just to highlight them without messing up the mix. I’m just attempting to be critical beyond my actual abilities :sunglasses: .


Thanks @steban , I think that @Stan_Halen will agree that we have reached a turning point with this track for a couple of reasons.

We are now pushing up against the limiter pretty hard on this track so whatever we turn up has to affect other sounds to make room; which might work but makes things kind of unpredictable as far as levels and presence.

Probably the best approach would be to back every thing off and start over.

I have pretty much lost my perspective with this track; I feel that in lieu of further changes, we should either shelf it and come back to it or get some outside opinions.


I say we BTR it, @ingolee. I think it is great as is now! But, I am curious what BTR will say.


Just FYI my temp computer seems to have crashed also. The computer gods are not smiling on me lately. I still have some access but this is really screwing with my mind and my life. Will check in as possible. Hopefully BTR can shed light on where the track is and may even point to some things to look for on future song/cue mixes.


Sorry to hear that @Stan_Halen , can’t offer advice without the details which is probably for the best coming from me. :smile:

If you are a DIY guy I’m sure you know the drill of whether it’s a BSD or no start issue, (dead drive, bad ram or power supply?) maybe even some power surges in your neighborhood?

I recently had some random BSD and finally ended up yanking one RAM card, the others still work because one socket on the MB was bad I guess.

All that’s easily fixed, of course it might be time for an upgrade . . . oooh, now that’s tempting!

Good luck.


It was really weird and I don’t know exactly what it was. I’m in the process of loading a new hard drive on the main pc with Windows 7 and all the trimmings. I’ll probably start a thread about it just to rant. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s the thread if you want to know some of the story:


@Stan_Halen, @ingolee, @Ailwyn, I have created folders for all the songs and placed the original and the lyrics in each. It is possible my cousin Bobbi is about to give us some vocals, too.

So I’m taking bets now who (besides me or Ingo) contributes the next item- Stan, Bobbi or Ailwyn? :thinking: :grinning:

At any rate, it is worth noting that technical problems are the culprit for all three. And that’s the way it is in the world today… we are not in a rush to meet any deadline, fellow Fur Traders.


Cool, thanks!

Right, enjoying the processes and learning from it are key elements.


@ingolee, @Stan_Halen, @Ailwyn, I also want to express my supreme satisfaction with Song 1 and the Cues, and the POBP Refrain completed or 99.9% completed tracks. Ingo, you’ve kicked ass on the music and mixing, and thanks to your hard work, the sound is fantastic if not “professional”. Stan, your spoken word is top notch. I feel what we thus far have is compelling musical storytelling.

It truly bodes well! Thanks!!!


It won’t be me at this rate… I can’t do much on this laptop. I tried a couple of gimmicks to record something and ended up with diddly squat! I hope Santa is going to be kind to me this year. Reaper won’t let me go near it without forking out 60$!!!

I’m safely in 3rd place, so it’s down to @Stan_Halen or Bobbi to pass the winning post!


The first thing to recording a bass on a computer is to be sure you are pushing out sound at a good volume for the bass input into the PC. I run my sound through a Behringer Eurorack mixer. That way I can turn up or down sound on the mixer coming from the instrument or mic and going to the PC from the mixer. Normally the input to the PC should seem on the quiet side. Did you try the Microsoft method?

Hey, maybe you’ll have a free day in the next month, there’s still lots of time, dude! Maybe you can buy cj a beer and have him take a look. You should be able to bring your laptop and bass to him and see if he can get you rolling.


@steban & @Stan_Halen , thanks, my home internet is down so no uploads for awhile here. Back to business soon I hope!


Wow, it’s a tech meltdown around here. Whassup? Sunspots? Solar flares? DARPA? Best wishes on getting back in the groove. I just about have my system up to full tilt boogie except for studio stuff, but hope to have that rolling this weekend.


Interstellar space demons, angry rejects from reality shows seeking revenge!

So did you buy a new hard drive, SSD perhaps?


Ha, my computer died right after I recorded the Charlton voice. Angry rejects indeed. The curse of Charlton strikes again! :scream:

Yes, new hard drive but not SSD. My MB might handle SSD but I didn’t check. The crash was rather unexpected and I was in repair and budget mode. I’m sure the next new computer will get one. I can see the advantage to not having a spinning drive. I know the speed is supposed to be better too, but my system is a bit faster now than it was after 4 years of Windows ‘junk’ accumulated.


I like rolling about with CJ!


Mine keeps crashing too!


@ingolee, @steban, @Stan_Halen

Sorry for abandoning you guys, but I just couldn’t get up and running on this project! It did prove to be a bit beyond my limited IT intellect, and I’m probably better off focusing on Frontliners’ recordings, which we are now embarking on…