[ANNOUNCEMENT] Manic Mixoff Finalists - Sweet 16

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Manic Mixoff Finalists - Sweet 16


First of all, THANK YOU! Seriously, thank you so much to every single one of you that took the time to participate in this. You’re not only contributing to the fun of a contest, you’re also learning from the experience AND you’re helping to build an awesome community. I see this contest as a great success for many reasons. You guys rock! :beerbang:

Now on to the announcement… Our first IRD contest has concluded its community judging.
One thing I noticed in this contest is that several of you could’ve benefited from selling your entry. I mean that in a couple ways. Reaching out to fellow peers and friends to come visit and check your mix would’ve helped your mix rating AND reaching out to other entrants and scoring them, contributing tips, etc helps encourage them to do the same for you. Hope that makes sense. A couple extra favorable ratings would’ve pushed several of you over the top. Something to keep in mind for the next one. :wink:

We now have the list of finalists to face our panel of distinguished judges to reach a winner… :slight_smile:

Our finalists


Congrats to all that made it through!! I’ll keep you posted as things progress!



A big thank you for all the guys that participated, took time to listen, comment and give great advice! Here’s to you :beerbang:


Congrats Virtech


I’m honored to have made the list!! Thanks everyone for participating along with me - I have already learned a few new tricks and gained a few new angles on mixing. Here’s to the mixing community - Cheers! :beers:


Many thanks for organising this!


Well done guys/gals

Not had time join in this one, maybe nxt time.

Looking forward to listening to all the sweet mixes.

Good luck to all involved :beerbang:
Rock on…


So honoured have made the list! thanks indie recording depot for organising this event… hoping for more mixing competition in near futures. :beerbang:


Congratulations to all the finalists!


Honoured and proud to have made the 16!
Congratulations to everybody involved in this!
Keep those contests coming.
Great fun and great training!


I was disappointed I did not get to enter this. I loaded up the mix and spent a few minutes organizing and then had to abandon it for work:(

Congrats Bryan! You’ve made a great site with its first (of many) contests!


This was amazing to wake up to. I’ve really enjoying getting to know the folks here, and the opportunity to subject my mix to my peers here. Good luck to all, I’m blown away by the skills shown in these mixes.


Congrats to all the finalists as well as those who didn’t quite make it.


Yeah , congrats to everyone of the finalists !!!


Thank you Moa22, hope to see you in the finals next time around :wink:


So when is the final stages ? any updates?


This week we’ll see the next phase :wink:


Thank you all for your support.


The contest is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted Indie Recording Depot - but also by these “so-called” judges - SAD


Care to elaborate?

If this comment is based on your ranking, that was entirely based on how the community rated your mix. The judges were not involved in that process.
However, I’d still love to discuss if there was an issue. Sorry you feel that way.