[ANNOUNCEMENT] Manic Mixoff Finalists - Sweet 16

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Manic Mixoff Finalists - Sweet 16


You do know the first 16 qualifiers were pulled from the community polling? So I am not sure how you came about your opinion of it being rigged. What is so dishonest and distorted about IRD?

I am not even sure who the panal of judges are, but I am sure they are more then capable of handling the duties.


Come on. You guys can’t be that gullible or easily triggered. It was a joke. I was doing my impersonation of a certain US president. :wink:


Hey we are here to help out and make this place great. If people feel unjust about certain decisions/actions, I would hope we could come to some agreement/compromise.

Awesome! hang around ,there will be plenty more contests for us to rig! Ha…


Pretty obvious to me that Bassmaster was pulling our leg y’all… channeling the presidential tweet style and all. Gave me a good chuckle. :wink: