Alien Lard EP and Video now out!

Alien Lard EP and Video now out!

Thanks to the great feedback on this forum, my Alien Lard EP is done and is out. It exclusively on bandcamp and most of the other platforms .

EP can be found here:

Here’s the first single, the opening track “That’s What They Said About 'Nam” and the video I whipped up for it.


Thanks - Digging your EP.


Frau Blücher is creeping me out more than the monster hand! Nice.

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Yeah, she’s creepy. The film “The Cat and the Canary” from which it is all from is actually much different. I rearranged and changed things up, reversed some footage to get desired effects and the like to tell a different type of story where she is the villain.
In the movie, she seems like she is portrayed as evil but is simply alone.

Really cool video and song! I remember this one well.

Some parts of this song remind me of Faith No More and their style. The line repeating “It’s business as usual” and at the end of the song when your yelling “ and I’ll take it” especially remind me of FNM. I really dig this song. Nice video too!

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Yeah man, for sure. The opening riff feels very Deftones to me, but yes, I did feel a bit of FNM coming out with the ‘business’ line. Thanks for listening and the kind words.

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I’ve been enjoying all of the songs from your EP. Very tight playing and great composition.
I can hear influences from several bands (Galactic Cowboys ???), but you definitely have a unique sound.

The recording quality is excellent and sounds full and balanced on both headphones and monitors.

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This is very interesting, and I know you’ve been working on it for awhile, but I really wonder about the inspiration … and specifically any Covid related angst that might have driven it. Specifically, I started watching Sky News Australia during the pandemic, and just saw a rant by Alan Jones about that today. The whole NSW thing is crazy, especially Sydney but I think you guys have been hit really hard too. Jeez, no wonder Cuba and South Africa are exploding, not to mention France where Macron is gone off the rails. I don’t mean to be overly political, but people have to be able to live and and this is all blown way out of proportion IMO.

That said, I think you play bass and I found the bass lines in the material really interesting. “Wheels” reminded me of Tool or something like that, but the vocals were kind of Alice in Chains, pretty cool. Even the artwork seems inspired along those lines.

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Man, that means so much!

Interestingly, it was never supposed to be super tight, albeit not intentioanlly messy either.
Each song was written musically in one sitting (two or sometimes 3 guitars and bass - drums were done later on and vocals even later). I went in with a “let’s not be too picky about a missed note or slighlty off timing” attitude and did very little editing to fix things like that. It has been super liberating in that regard.

I even knocked out a follow up tune this afternoon, done (no drums or vox yet) in about 2 hours, maybe less. It’s such a fun way to work, not overthinking things. Hell, this tune has simialrities to 'Nam (the EP opener) possibly because I spent hours yesterday making the film clip and its in my head. Normally that would bother me, but for Alien Lard, it’s all about feel and fun, even if it is the same song reimagined over and over! :slight_smile:

I don’t think I know of Galactic Cowboys, but guess what I’ll be chekcing out tomorrow!

Thanks again for the kind words. I wasn’t sure if there was a harshness to it all (especially if you lsiten to all five tracks in a row) and have been changing the guitars somewhat for the next release. Good to know!

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Thanks @Stan_Halen.

No, nothing COVID related at all. I’ve always been a huge fan of grinding riffs and slightly off kilter patterns (eg Helmet and the like). I am a huge Tool fan so that always sneaks its way in there.
This project actually didn’t take me too long in comparision to others. I can’t recall when I started it, maybe a little under a year ago, maybe a litte over, but that;s quick for me. I"m already well underway for the second EP or even Album with one song recorded (an unexpected cover) and two songs done musically including the one I did today.

The cover was one I simply stumbled across on a public domain site. I did, however, question how the title would be taken. So far, seems not to be an issue outside of a few friends saying they are not qualified to listen to it which I thought was funny!

This whole project is about not taking my music playing, lyric writing or lyric content/topics too seriously and just letting it all go. It was and is qute hard to do that, for me anyway, but I think I got most fo the way there. Not saying that the words or content can’t be serious (several of the songs are) but I’m trying not to overthink the lyrics or get on my high horse. Most are based on a mental image, idea, theme or line.

Sorry rambling. Thanks again my man!

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On Spotify and the like now:

Also got a cool little review from StonerHive blog which was unexpected and very much appreciated!


Good solid sounding record Daniel! I love your BandCamp description: “Grit teeth, press play, bang head.” A bit heavier than I normally listen to, but there’s a time and place for everything! :sunglasses:

Well I’m here to rule the world,
I’m gonna turn it 'round,
I’m here to rule the world,
Even if I have to burn the whole thing down.

Good stuff!

Sometimes I think that’s the only way to get things “done”. And I’m with Stan, I dig the bass lines. :sunglasses:

Well done man! Wishing you much success!


Thanks @miked. Really appreciate the kind words!
That song you quoted (Tear it Up {and Light Fire to It) was one I have been quite conscious of in regards to how it could be interpreted. All the songs are basedo one simple cocept, mental still image or line and are built around that. Nothing overly deep and open to interpretation but all with a clear genisis (for me).
But as 2020 and 2021 unravelled in a variety of ways, I started to see how this song could be taken in a variety of different ways. The song itself has absolutely nothing to do with the last 2 years - to confirm.
Glad you liked it though. That was my first real attempt at full on vocals. I shredded my throat and will be unlikely to do much like that again. The style that I did start to get good at without damaging my throat was what started to appear in the final three songs and will be far more common with Alien Lard releases down the track.

Thanks mate.


Oh, did you think I was implying something? I just liked the lyric. :wink: Seriously though, that’s the beauty of a nice non-specific lyric, isn’t it? The listener can interpret them as it suits them… :slight_smile:

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No, sorry, not at all. I have had a few friends and I think there was a question here too (which is absolutely fine to have a crack at interpreting this kind of stuff).
I just thought it interesting that that was the lyric you liked, when it happens to be the one I am most conscious of :slight_smile:

This is REALLY good. That opening/main riff is killer, reminds me a bit of early Shihad. 10/10

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Good old Shihad! Saw them a few times back in the day. Thanks Terry!

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