Acoustic guitar piece

Acoustic guitar piece


first try

second try

Third try

fourth try

try number five

Here is a piece that i am putting in a video. The musician is playing 2 guitars made by a friend of mine. After the hammering i have been taking in the contest i thought i should get some feedback before i finish up and post the video.


The recording sounds good. I’d say to watch your compression and distortion. When low notes are hitting, I can hear the compressor pumping. Maybe multiband compression is the way to go on this thing. It also gets a bit harsh when things start picking up. It sounds like you have some distortion on there, which can be fine in small doses, but I think it’s too much for the song.


cool good to know. I have had a quick play around because what you said reminded me that i had been messing with some saturation drive on a plugin or two or… and sure enough. I have tried again in OP.


It’s beautiful Eric The second one is my fav. That is some great playing, however I hear some harshness is some areas. I am on cans only and have no access to anything for a week yet.
Nice hearing the real thing Congrats


you are hearing that in the second try? if so can you let me know where and i will does some more tweaking. Thanks for the feedback.


I recant. I have no business commenting on this. I am wrong. I just replayed it with a pencil and paper to mark the spots. I should have used the word bright. I hear nothing wrong. Sorry, that won’t happen again


don’t recant. you heard harshness so it is overly bright. Please tell me it will happen again. I really appreciate you having another listen and with the pencil and paper, that means a lot.


Ha ha I just don’t have the talent that others have to help you. I am a bumbler and am ok with that. I do think it is a very good track like I said. Good luck bud


Nice piece! I enjoyed it. I first started listening on my laptop speakers, and I did hear some harshness like Paul pointed out. A good example is around 31 seconds on the right-panned guitar. Any time one of those higher strings gets dug into like that it’s rather jarring on my laptop speakers.

I listened again on my headphones and didn’t have that problem at all. So I think it’s just the case of certain systems bringing out those frequencies.


That my friend was just over 2 minutes of bliss. Decades ago, I studied classical guitar and ended up buying a bunch of classical guitar CDs (that used to cost two to three times a normal CD) so I have listened to literally hundreds of guitar tracks. I still do to this day. With the second try I just lost myself in the music. I found the reverb fantastic. Whereas some people demand 100% clean, squeak free playing, I absolutely love hearing the bass string distort and buzz and finger squeaks in the right places. You can literally picture the player playing right in front of you. Loved it.

Would you mind revealing the setup for this recording?


Thanks for the feedback.

great i will check that out. I haven’t had a chance to check it yet but it turns out @feaker your ears were not deceiving you.


Thanks for that feedback.

That is what i am trying to achieve.

I would love to unfortunately it was in his studio so i don’t remember what the make of the mics where but it is a pair SD condenser mics setup in xy pattern at around the 12th fret. The guitars are two steel strings made by TreeHouse Guitars.


Ha ha I just checked my notes and they say around 30 and the 41-43 Then a question mark. That is when I said screw it, why wreck his day over nothing. Can’t wait to hear the final take:)


Ok i posted a try #3 in OP. Hopefully i didn’t go too far or not far enough but one of those is more likely


ooh, yep, I think you got it with that third one. Sounds like you tamed the high end.

oh, blast. Maybe just a tiny bit too much boom in the 300-400 range. This sounds really awesome.


Thanks Boz. How about the fourth one?


As cookie monster would say…me likes (the fourth one) I almost could hear James Taylor join in on this. Mellows me right out. congrats


Hey Eric, sounds good on my cruddy work speakers… perhaps just a little bit of boominess in the low end of the guitars coming through on these, but I’m not certain… I’d like to check it out on my studio speakers when I get home.


That note that hits at 24 seconds is still booming more than it needs to. Other than that, I think it’s perfect.


Done and dusted. I hope. Thanks Boz for taking all those listens.

Thanks for the feedback Andrew. I did a little more work on that boom so hopefully take #5 does the trick but I will have to wait and see what you hear at home.