Acoustic guitar piece

Acoustic guitar piece


Yum. Sounds good now.




Hey, I just listened to the first and last mix from this recording.
First thing, I really like the recording, the playing and how the two guitars work well in that song. Nice work, really!

I found the first mix a bit raw but it has this kinda “real recording direct to your ears” that is really pleasing and it reminds me the feeling of playing the instrument, when the sound comes from every part of the instrument.
I missed that on your 5th mix and I prefer what the 1st mix says against the 5th… :confused:
I think a well-tuned multi-band compression on each guitar could tame some bright parts and handle some of heavy low-end notes without killing the initial work you did.

By the way, I really like listening to this song, very nice!


Thanks for that feedback. If i have time I will play around with that. I do have some dynamic eq on the parts now to try and get that effect you are talking about but maybe i went to far.


I think it sounds fantastic now…


Wow, this is stunning! Beautiful playing and a beautiful piece. It’s very “cinematic”. I could totally see this in a film. (Yeah, so I came back for another listen and actually read your description. And I see it IS going on a video. :roll_eyes: )

What is it called?

Thanks for sharing!


PS. I love your treatment and FX on this. Would you mind sharing what your FX chains look like?


Very nice. Guitars are recorded nicely. Both guitar parts are beautiful; I particularly love the second guitar: such beautiful licks. Very smooth.

Beautiful arrangement. Nicely done, the parts blend perfectly.

Only suggestion I could make is that I could go for less reverb. I like the acoustics to be a little crisper maybe.

Thanks for sharing this. Helpful.


Thanks Mike. He basically made it up at the time of recording. He plays for touring bands so he has a lot of music at the tip of his fingers.


I will dig it up and see what i can do.

yes i think that for this type of music many would do that. I am wanting it to feel like you are listening to this song being played is in an acoustically pleasing hall, so i am using the reverb to add that live vibe.


Ok, so on that thing I would set them very fast so that they could handle little things very quickly and let the other parts untouched to keep them as natural as possible.
Automation on some parameters could help a lot for that purpose.

But I still listen to that song with pleasure :slight_smile:


Cool i will have a mess with that and see what happens to the sound.


Thank you for the reviews! Now your recordings: #1: the guitars sound beautiful, even if it is more mellow than what I normally listen to. I know from experience that acoustic guitar is not easy to record, and have it sound good. #2: I noticed more string scrape sounds this time (less good); otherwise sounds similar to #1. I don’t think the playing was quite as good either; though is the playing identical on all 5? But still good. #3: Playing seemed a bit better than #2, but I liked #1 the best so far. #4: Heard a pretty loud string scrape. So far I’ve heard a click noise in the middle of every recording, though not a big deal. #5: Sounds very similar to #4 to me. I’m not hearing any difference in audio quality on any of these. Not even sure if these are 5 different takes, and you are changing the mix; or 5 different takes and no real mix changes? I still think I like #1 best; I listened to it again.


Can I ask who the musician is? I would love to hear more of his music. This reminds me a little of William Ackerman.Thanks.


His name is Adam Dobres. He is a musician that plays with several bands. His website is

there is an album there and a lovely video of him talking a playing some of those songs at a house concert on the biography page.
here is the video.


He’s got some beautiful pieces! Thanks Eric!


Thanks for sharing Eric. I wonder if he is playing a baritone acoustic and that is why the big boom on the lower note strings.


No the guitar is not a baritone but TreeHouse Guitars have been getting awesome sustain and low end on their guitars. I may have pushed the low end a bit though and that caused that boom to become an issue.