A little Loungey - A live electronic jam?

referring to this post on another thread:

I thought I’d post the song in question. Written on the spot, and then recorded in about 20 minutes using only a computer keyboard to play the parts live, and then a few automation moves with the mouse, this song has not been mixed, re-played, or tinkered with since all the way back in about 2013. In fact, apart from selecting the presets, there’s no other plugins on any track! Let me know what you think!


Sounds good i could listen to this stuff all day

Sounds good !

Those synth sounds really have an 80’s vibe. Many movies back then had soundtracks with synths that sounded a lot like that. It’s really cool knowing that you played that on a computer keyboard !

Knowing the story of how you put this song together makes it even more interesting to me.

I’ve heard this style of music before but I don’t know exactly which genre it is. It has kind of a dance vibe to it. Have you ever thought of putting a vocal on this? Maybe it’ll sound like “Frankie Goes To Hollywood” or one of those popular 80’s bands. It definitely has a nice feel. Thanks for sharing this !

Thank you! Any suggestions for mixing this song?

I don’t think I think of genres, even when I’m playing. I do remember at the time thinking of walking into a chic hotel back in the 70’s and seeing some weird keyboard band jamming away at dinner. I suppose that’s why I played it live and didn’t even bother to quantise anything!

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What you want to mix it?or you want someone to have a go at it

I meant that this song is essentially a demo, but I don’t want to touch the performance in any way. The mixing I want to do, but really was asking advice about how to go about adding compression, delay, reverb to a song like this. Was really looking for an actual bashing about the sound of the song!

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Hey mate, nice track! A kind of chilled out indie disco vibe to it.

I think the biggest improvement you could make is to the bass. At present the bass is very uneven in level - it comes and goes but doesn’t really provide a consistent “bed” for the song to sit on. Maybe try evening out the velocities at the source first, then compress it to get it very even. Adding a little bit of saturation can help with a synth bass too.

Some transitional effects between different sections (reverse cymbals, swooshes and sound fx) might really help keep interest in the arrangement too.

Nice advice! Really appreciate that you took some time to listen and give feedback. At some point I will sit down and work on this track. As I mentioned, this music is the opposite end of the spectrum to the way my brain normally works.

Talking about the bass, it was the first bass patch I found and just played it. The song would benefit either a different patch, or doubling it up with something a little more grounded. I like the idea of the transitions as well. Originally I just put in a Drummer track, converted it to MIDI and then put in some fills and ride cymbals. Again, I treated the song like a rock song played on synths, so I think why I like the track is because it’s blatantly a synth track trying its best to be a rock song!

But again, really appreciate the feedback

Just take your time on it.You have had it this long .Look forward to hearing your mix

So we’ll get back together on this thread in… 2029… :crazy_face:

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could always use flute! :rofl: