A fond first hello from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

A fond first hello from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


I came across a Tweet from the Indie Music Bus this morning and a comment from Ghostly Beard included a link to this site. I am a, left of center, indie alternative rock, solo recording artist. I use technology to record my songs, the, GarageBand DAW. I would prefer a group but I must be too left of center for most as, every time I approach a musician in my city to join forces, they all run for the hills, lol. I don’t promote through FB anymore, my main platform currently is on Drooble, which is a super fantastic Community! I hope I can become a welcomed addition to your crew here!


Hey @Anthony…glad to have you here! Welcome :slight_smile:



Welcome aboard.


Hi there and welcome!



Welcome to the forum. I look forward to reading you around.


Awesome thank you and, I hope my rambling on and on, which I can do most adeptly even with both hands tied around my back, lol, and that’s not some tongue in cheek way of announcing my eligibility for some S&M group discussions nor membership, lmao


Hello Emma, thanks for the greeting.


Hey thanks… uh oh, lol, just got notice, “Consider replying to several posts at once”, lol, I’m already breaking protocols, lol. I like replying to each individual personally, what am I gonna do, lmao.


Thank you Jonathan.


We must be about 20 min apart. I am 20 min North of Edmonton in Morinville.


Welcome Anthony! Delighted to have you with us.


Cool. Maybe our paths will cross someday if it ain’t yet already that neither of us might or might not remember, lol.


Thanks CW, if I may call you that for short.


Welcome Anthony, feel free to upload your mixes/productions for critique/assistance here:



Sure thing-- lots do. :slight_smile:


Awesome thank you! I am looking forward to the pummelling I’m about to receive on my first upload, lol, and, please, pull no punches, I gotta learn somehow, lol, might as well be with a black eye! Cheers!


Have no fear, this crowd is unfailingly candid about pros and cons of mixes & tunes… no punches pulled, although always in a constructive manner.


Welcome to the site! I see you’re already diving in and it’s awesome to have you on here! Special thanks to @ptalbot for helping spread the word about us and inviting you here.

Thanks for joining us!! :beerbanger:


Welcome, fellow leftist! I’m even a lefty. 2016 for me was a tough year, marked by a string of political songs and ended in reeling in shock. They aren’t my easiest songs to listen to, even for me. 2017-present has been more restrained for me, I use it more like a spice.

I suspect most musicians are more interested in music than politics. Politics is divisive, and nowadays you split your audience in two when you take a side, especially without enough artful tact. And that audience is fractured again by those who have the apolitical blues.

On the other hand, it is a compelling challenge to try to make a meaningful statement about this crazy world we live in, and some of us find it particularly irresistible (we probably bring it up at the dinner table, too!). So if you have to say something in song, by all means go for it and share it here.


Another (moderate) lefty here… waving

My guy was Howard Dean back in '04. He would say again and again, if you want a progressive social agenda, you have to balance your budget and pay for it. I’m a bit conservative on fiscal issues, but quite liberal on social ones. And dead set against saddling subsequent generations with crushing debts and deficits, which is where we’re at now. Every year I get more glad that I never had any children…