A fond first hello from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

A fond first hello from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Hi guy. Nice to meet you. I am the oldest here. My friend and still drummer in our band uses garage band. I was amazed at some of the sounds. When you strum the acoustic, it is a better sound than I can get with my guitar and very good mic? welcome aboard mate I have always been left of center and wouldn’t change a thing:)


And now I am here because you told me about this fine place on drooble! Thanks! Looks great!


Good to have you here Anthony and FJam.

Anthony, I hope you’re not getting smoked out of there, in Edmonton. On the news I heard that the air quality is very bad because of the forest fires in BC.


Hi there. You can call me Freddy. My nickname in the bands I have played in over the years was FreddyJam. I use Fred E. Jam as a stage name now, and F-Jam Studios is the name of my collab group that I have hosted since 1998. More info on this in my profile bio. Thanks for the welcome.


Welcome to you too Freddy!


I’d love to hear some of your work! Have any tunes you can share links to on here?


Welcome, and like a few others have said, slap some of your music up. You’ll find everyone here to be very helpful, and it’s always good to hear stuff from the Great White North.


Hello Steban
Actually, in the use of the term, left of center, I first heard it when someone commented awhile ago that one of my songs sounded this way. I never thought they meant politically, it never even dawned on me. I thought they meant, not normal in a good way, lol, so I adopted the term to describe the chaos I call music. I am neither for nor in the arena of politics, when I need to know who, I am selective.
Thank you for the welcome!


Hey Wicked
It was pretty bad for many days. When it rained the one day it was so nice that I went for a walk and loved how much more fresh the air seemed.

Glad to be here thanks


Hey Styles
Thank you for the greeting.


Nice, did you put it up for bashing?


Not this one no.
I wasn’t even certain that I should reply to you with it, community policy whatever it be, but, you asked so, I kinda just felt, why not.


It is better to post in the Bash section, but if you’ve completed the track, there’s not much sense in bashing it. Either way, welcome again, and you will find that the mods here don’t get too excited unless you go out of your way to make a mess of things.