8 Track studio recording from 1983

Ok, bash it…

First, the mixdown by the guy in studio (just to compare with):

And now, the new (quick) mix, in which I’ve completely re-recorded the bass part, added a second rhythm guitar, corrected tuning issues (we were about 1/4 tone flat on the day, for some reason!), augmented the snare and bass drums, and added a cymbals crash right at the end. THEN I mixed it:


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Dude! I can’t gve you a fair bashing since I’m listening from my phone speaker, but this is so cool! Just the idea of being able to retouch some recordings you did 30+ years ago is awesome. I love that you maintained the 80’s in this and didn’t try to overly modernize it. :beerbanger:

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Your mix definitely gave it more impact. Given that it’s an '80s recording, you’re working with some not so great material and making it sound decent. You definitely cut down the reverb. I think you’re in line with other demos from that year.

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Your mix is definitely a step forward.

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I agree with everyone else that your mix is better. Its a lot dryer sounding. The first mix was too wet overall, but the reverb on the guitars was kinda cool, and I feel like it might sound cool if some of the guitars in the second mix had a little more of that kind of reverb, but with everything else just how you have it now. Or I could be wrong, it does sound good how it is now.

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Hey Jeff!..

In a lot of ways your mix is a big improvement on the original - particularly the way you’ve brought the vocal forward. The balances in your mix in general are a little better too, with the other mix having way too much snare and hardly any kick or bass. On the other hand, the studio mix has more clarity in the top end of the drums and better separation in the guitars and backing vocals.

My suggestions:
Try to eq out some of the boxiness around the 400-500hz in a lot of the elements, such as guitars and drums.

If you are able to bring up the level of the cymbals, it will help to fill out the top end of the mix.

The 200-300hz area is a another place where things are building up - try pulling a little of that out in the individual elements, and you’ll find things should clear up a bit.

Don’t be too shy about boosting a little bit around 3k in the guitars, and maybe around 1-2k on the vocals, and maybe up a little higher on the vocals too - a shelf around the 5k mark maybe.

Hope that helps!


Thanks. I was tempted to add some small room reverb to the final mix to big up the sound a bit, but essentially ran out of time.

Hey! What do you mean by not so great! I wrote that song!

Why, thank you, sir.

Yes, it sounds like the fella who mixed it put slapback on the guitars and the vocals. I only did so on the vocals (by duplicating the track then shifting it). Having said that I tried some on the intro but preferred the ‘solo’ quality bringing the whole band in. But, while that solo quality sounds good, and is something I’d like to keep, those four seconds or so need a boost somehow, more presence.

Yes! I think that sums up my misgivings about my mix. The BVs in particular are lost amongst the, well, lack of clarity. I’d also like the bass to stand out some more, particularly for the semi-tone climb in the last verse.

I’ll try those EQ adjustments you suggest.

I meant the tracking, and I think you know I did!

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Fun to tease though.

Nice job augmenting the drums that had to be a pain in the ass;.
I think your headed in the rt direction with your version of the mix. also as was said by coldroomstudios some light adjustments in the different freq would go a long way.
Nice job!

Honestly, it was actually surprisingly easy. Technology is a wonderful thing.

Thank you.


Might have gone too far in the other direction here. Let me know what you think.

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Hi Like your mix the best and was enjoying the ole three chord progression/ jonne be good feel. We played stuff like this for wedding receptions in the early 70’s. Brought back alot of memories and put a big smile on my face. thanks for that.



Fixed the player for you - will have a listen tonight when I get home.

Thank you. What needed fixing?

Thanks, but which one (I posted two). :slight_smile:

That’s nice to hear. Am glad. :v::+1:

Definitely better! The difference with your first mix is night and day. The bass is maybe too loud now. Are you happy with it?

Well, having just this moment done an A/B comparison (after not listening to it at all since I posted it here last night), yes, I think I am happy with it. The first of my mixes sounds a little strangled, this new one sounds much clearer, much more space. The hi-hats and the cymbals play their role much better as a result, and I could hear that semi-tone climb from the bass at 1:37 much better.

Is the bass too loud overall? Hmm, perhaps, perhaps not. Sometimes it feels a little too in-your-face, but then I kind of like its part in the song, so why not.

Also not sure if the guitar solo is also too loud.

I suppose the only thing I’d like to be more prominent is the backing vocals. Not sure which approach to take though: Better EQ, or by balancing them better in the L/R panning, or just turn them up! Or double them up?! Or…?

Well, I’ve got track number two to re-mix & augment now. It’s very different in style. The first half is quite slow (verse, sort-of chorus, verse, sort-of-chorus), then changes to, and ends with, an upbeat instrumental section with a guitar solo (so no 3rd verse or sort-of-chorus).

I started on it last night, and found…it’s out of tune. At first I retuned the bass (there’s one place where an A note is held for long enough to tune to), then used the identical adjustment for the other parts…and ended up with the singer sounding like Mickey Mouse, and still all the other parts out of tune with the new bass part I recorded! Argh! I don’t know what to do!

Cool throwback track, I like you’re newest mix best. The guitar sounds a little overcooked, but that could just be the early '80s demo recording. I can understand you wanting to keep the vibe, but maybe you can do an alternate mix where you reamp it? Kind of has a “bash it out in the studio” type of feel to it. I really dig it. Another thing that would be cool would be to put a really short delay somewhere around 150ms on the vocals and turn it up real loud. It would help the throwback rock sound seem even more throwbacky to those types of live performances.

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