8 Track studio recording from 1983

8 Track studio recording from 1983
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Not sure exactly what you mean by “overcooked”, but there was less done to the guitar than almost anything else. :slight_smile:


I mean it sounds like it was hot on the tape, ie saturated.


So, recorded too loud?


Yeah, like the input gain was too high. Not really a big deal, sometimes that sounds sweet. I don’t think it’s much of a problem, it just sounds a little brittle. You could reamp it, but it’s not unpleasant.


I’m listening on my laptop with my headphones.

I like the new, quick mix. There’s a much better stereo image and the instruments sound clearer. The vocal cut through the mix much better than the first mix. It’s a pretty noticeable difference.


Hey, very nice song, nicely performed!
I think there’s nothing wrong with your mix as everyone agreed.
But I found something odd, like things didn’t match properly.
This song and mix (the first one) came from '80, with '80 hardware, '80 mics, '80 guys, '80 playing, '80 feeling,'80 ways of micking, '80 ways of mixing and at the end, sounds like a '80 song recorded and mixed in the '80.
Your mix is quite the same except the mix, from 2017 with references, tools and wishes from that, and I found a bit off regarding the whole chain of the song.

By the way, your mix is quite good and very spot on regarding actual songs!
Good job to me!