2 songs to check out (will return the favor!); new as of March 22nd!

I put two songs here: “Portal to Heaven” is the first song, and “Out of Control (with Ferrari)” is the next song (it takes several seconds for the audio to be audible on the second song). Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I can return the favor if you wish (leave me a link).

hey man, you might get more feedback if you just upload the songs on here. I know it sounds lazy, but going to another site and hunting for a link to a song is more work than I’m willing to put in. Even if technically writing this response took more time.

Hi Aaron. I second Boz’s request to toss it on this page.

On the first one, the bass is pretty uneven. Some notes are poking out pretty bad. The vocal effect isn’t working for me at all. It almost sounds like a bad steaming connection or like it was dithered down to lo-fi when it was bounced, but I’ll assume you mixed it like this. There’s a little bit of a sucking scooped type flange on the vocal and guitars that I think would be much better if it was balanced and blended with the dry signal.

That kick on ‘out of control’ is pitifully weak sounding. It sounds like someone taking a pair of chopsticks and tapping them against the rubber part of a toilet plunger. Its completely missing any girth, punch, smack, hit…whatever…its basically missing everything.

did someone mention work?
im out.

ha…funny how the days of 45 minute downloading one song, is now passed up by even seeking the songs via links… where today having the Play button right there is the new height of the bar for the norm.

how long do people leave silence on the pre-roll now? Used to be 2-3seconds for CD to find the song space, but is that really needed? Maybe 2-3 seconds is too long for the attention span of the average listeners of today too, so eliminate the 2seconds of silence pre-roll… PLAY+Immediate sound= Best?

I have posted links to my music on many different music related and non-music related websites, and recording review dot com and this forum are the only forums I have experienced where people complain about having to make one more mouse click. So I spent the last 30 minutes trying to upload a song, from 2 different browsers (Google Chrome and Firefox) and the player is not working after I upload the song. So now what do I do?

Fixed :+1:

OK, I uploaded “Portal to Heaven”, and for some reason it played once. Not sure if ColdRoomStudio pulled a magic lever. So then I uploaded “Out of Control”, and now neither song plays. Aaargh!

Fixed again. You had extraneous code and multiple posts of the same song without any line spacing between them in the original post. These second time you uploaded without a line break between the code for each song.

Thank you for fixing the problems, though I don’t understand what I did wrong. All I did was upload songs. How do I add line spacing in between songs?

The easiest way to upload a song is to just drag the .mp3 from your computer desktop into this text area. You should see it uploading, showing progress as a percentage. When it is complete, you should see the player appear in the preview pane to the right. You should be able to test play it from there.

The issue is that if you don’t have a space between the song and the text before or after it, it doesn’t work. Just make sure you put it on a new line. It’s a strange issue that shouldn’t exist, but it’s easy to fix once you know what causes it.

First song review only
Nice atmosphere,

but big production issues btw.
The vocal fx is psychedelic, love it. The drums need to be more centered and monto-ized.(no cymbs ?) It fights with the rythm guitars. Let’s try some extreme paning.
The bass is insane, love it too.
Seriously the ambiance is so cool and so nasty !
You just need to improve some arrangement elements (repetition…) and a huge mix improvement. Rapidly, some short advices

  • intro is nice. (before the come of the bass gtr)
  • please remove the stereo or imager fx the drums.
  • would be cool to hear a charley a ride cymbal
  • try to check some timing issues on the bass
  • the rythm guitars at 1:33 need some highlight and volume.
  • drums : more mid, less phase issue, and don’t be shy, distortion allowed there !

Good work

Thank you for replying!

Thank you for replying!

Thank you for replying.

Thank you for the review! I will now seek out your music.