Ziggurate merge

Just me stuffing around with a old track and a auto remix version i made a while ago and decided to slap them both together and further tweak the mixing, tell me what you think if you want to, or just listen.

These old tracks i made years ago always had a purpose, i just didnt know what it was yet, and that purpose is being the soundtracks to a 2D game server im making, some which fit it perfectly.

Although, wish i had some new stuff to upload to Recording Review, err i meant Indie Recording Depot lately but i havent had a stable computer and program setup running for a while, but that is changing shortly as im getting a secondary computer going.In the mean time ive been playing my drums and upgrading the components one by one to hardware i like the sound of.The last two things i got was a brand new Dixon seat with a backrest, man that makes all the difference having that backrest, i tell ya! Also a Pearl remote cabled hi-hat, so i can play the hi-hat on the right hand side and not have the stick cross over you get with hi-hat on left hand side and snare on right hand side, as a right hander, you know what i mean!

Anyways, ive been reading some threads and listening to some tracks here again and plan on getting more involved in this site as im still seeing alot of the user names still around that i remember back then which is bloody wicked i must say, you guys are hardcore.Pop in and say hello.

By the way, happy April Fools! Hahahahhaha!

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Gonna pop some “E” and listen to this again. :smiley:

Hey BIGAL! Hahahha, if you really end up doing that, ill take that as a great compliment, its one either way and cheers mate.

You been making much tracks lately? Anything fresh your working on? Just feel like talking music with some people lately and who better to converse with than you gents, and emma.Hahha!

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Glad to hear your computer is getting back in order. Sometimes there are just technical difficulties. This does sound suitable for a video game, which sounds like a major project. Good luck!

Yeah me and computers when it comes to creating music has always been off and on, always feel like it cant keep up with me and that im doing more editing than i should really need to.Lovehate.

The only thing better that i think something like this might suit over what im actually putting it too, would be a racing game of some sorts, cars most likely.Its going on a 2D warfare server though, as i have heaps of darker music and this is one of “brighter” ones depending on whos ears are listening.Cheers for the comments.

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Great to see you @BillyBoBBizWorth! Hope you’ll definitely be on again more! :beerbanger:

Hey Holster, wondering when you might rock up! Whats new dude, been doing any compilations lately or such? What you working on, im curious.

Hey @BillyBoBBizWorth! I’ve had my hands full the last year or so on the personal side of things. Also ended up taking up a full-time job back in IT, but things are beginning to settle down a bit, so hopefully I can dive back into some projects soon. Good to hear from you!!

Roger that dude, lets do this, im heading over to the collaborate section and going to try and kick start something!

OB6? lol

Hey BillyBob! Good to see (?) you again.

Well, it ain’t my style but there’s nothing wrong with the mix. I absolutely LOVE the F1 sample in there (is that what that is?). Whatever it is, it’s awesome. I also love the pumping feel.
A couple of the synth notes really jump out around 1:44 - 1:53, and I think it is only because of the huge stereo widening effect that make it that bit more pronounced.

Good stuff. I can easily see this on a hectic racing game. Probably one with toooooo many lights and flashy things that make you have a fit while playing! Yeah baby!

Not sure what OB6 is, did a quick google and it appears your probably talking about a type of synthesizer.I dont have or didnt use any OB6 synth or plugins, but if i remember correctly when i did this i was stuffing around with alot of early synth plugin emulators of synths like the Juno-6(amoung others), so that might be the kind of sound of your picking up on, let me know if thats the kind of thing your referring or if im just talking shit.


THE DANMAN! Long time dude.

Yeah, theres actual F1 engine rev samples and then mimicking synth F1 sounds i made.The sounds at teh very beginning were never as such, but ended up sounding like race starting sounds/alerts to match the theme is another race theme sound within the track.
With the timestamps you pointed out, there is a few things happening in that section that probably shouldnt be.

Love this last statement, had a good laugh over it, so true, exactly what i was thinking.Coming to think of it, last time i watched some normal tv, the amount of frames being flashed across your eyes appear to be higher than the amount in a game these days.Not sure which one is more fit inducing anymore.


Guys whats with the Collaboration section of this forum, its as dry as a bone, we gotta change that!

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