You're The One

You’re The One, is a song by Decker Brown, as he requested me to sing this song for him and his family. Decker composed this song 10 years ago. Thanks Decker for asking me to be a part of this lovely song.

I dedicate this song to all peoples searching for their “one”.
And for all lovers and dreamers in our world!!!
And to my lovely wife, Mimi!!!
Also to our grandson, Misiri!!!

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Hi guy Sweet tune. Second verse start would be good with some soft strings?? Just a few too many “you’re the one’s” for me. ha ha I bet they were tickled with “your” performance. Keep em comin.

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Great playing and singing. I really liked the dynamics in your singing. I’m not familiar with the song, but I think it suits your voice well.

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Hi feaker,
This tune is from Decker Brown, and he did a great job on this.
You are right, there are too many “you’re the one”, but I did not want to touch his creation from 10 years ago.
Soft strings, I agree, would be really good, your ear is so talented, feaker!!!
Decker, did like this recording.
Thanks for the consistent and solid support!

Hi Chandler,
Love your comments!
Decker’s composition, I just sang it for him, and I did not change a thing of his creation.
Dynamics in itself, gives a huge “feeling” into the singing, and is always a good thing to remember when singing, thanks for noticing this aspect of dynamics.