Your Mother Should Know, 1967

Paul McCartney began writing “Your Mother Should Know” on a harmonium at his house in St John’s Wood, London.

Mothers know best, and give them credit, as a love of a Mother transcends all explanations this world can offer, and is genuinely pure and natural.

This tune is for all Mothers, on this Mother’s Day!
My first grandchild, grandson Misiri Kalayaan is born today! Mother Rocio, Congratulations!

My Mama, and my lovely wife Mimi, and to all Moms - Thanks for all that you do, for your unconditional love!!

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There is really something about repeating a few key words that just stick in your head.
Your ma ma should know will now haunt me all evening. ha ha
Another great performance, but the chook needs to go?
Keep em commin bud…I am workin on one now

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Hi feaker,
In poems it works, in songs it works, in chants it works, in political ads it works, hahahaha!
Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms in your life!!!

Nice hat! And great song! Well done as always :beerbanger:

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Hi holster,
Love your comments.
You are always a treat to hear comments from.
Thank you for your solid support!

Nice work, Rene!

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Thanks CRS!!!

You can’t go wrong with the Beatles. Nicely done.

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Hi skua,
Nice to meet you, and thanks for your great comments.
I love the Beatles!

On Friday the 13th, I just saw Paul McCartney play live (in the Los Angeles area) for the first time. Very enjoyable, even though he was a speck on stage from where we were. Fortunately the big screens at SoFi stadium were very good. He sounded a bit pitchy on youtube videos lately, but he sounded good in person the vast majority of the time, especially for age 79. Your cover tune rendition sounds really good! Vocals are very good, especially the high notes. Very nice guitar playing too! :). For roughly ten years, there was a very old Beatles song (‘Hello Little Girl’; I bet most people have never heard it) on soundclick, actually rather mediocre for a Beatles song written by John Lennon. Due to a lack of publicity, the song was rarely listened to on soundclick apparently. For a long time (years), I was beating that Beatles song on soundclick’s charts, which was pretty ridiculous. I saw a vinyl copy of that song in the Beatles Museum in Liverpool. It might have been their first single? I don’t remember for sure.


Hi Aaron,
Wow, at 79, Paul still plays at huge stadiums.
I saw him in concert in Seattle about 10 years ago, and he sounded very well as well.
We were also very far from him, but the huge screens really are very effective for these concerts.
Thanks for the wonderful comments!