Your critique will help me a lot: Boom Bap

Did this instrumental on LMMS. After i came up with the piano everything then was common sense. Idea was taken from an existing song, but verses are original. Recording/Mixing/Mastering was done in Ableton Live Lite. Although this is already out there, Please bash so i know for my next mixes!

I gotta hear this again.

I have to admit, I spent more time watching the video than actually listen to the music :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try again. I WILL say though, the song and the mix didn’t distract me. It seemed to flow well with the video :wink:

I’m listening from my laptop at the moment, but I’d be curious to hear what this was like with the piano brought up a bit more. I was able to listen without getting sucked into the video. :wink:

LMMS, eh. Very cool. I agree with Bryan, bring up the piano a bit more.

Yes, the new beta is really cool. I even had the honor to be a beta tester for the first beta. Believe it or not, it is the good thing in the small package. I will keep the piano comment in mind for the next song. Thanks for your warm advice!