Youlean Loudness Meter

First off, great FREE loudness meter.

Nice tutorial on its features here. Use the code “IN-THE-MIX” from the description for 20% off the Pro version which makes it $37.60.

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I use the free version. But the graphic interface for the dynamic range (only on the paid version) seems to be a worthwhile thing to have. The magic bullet?
Despite helpful plugins like this one mastering is still somewhat mystical to me. For instance: when do you use a compressor, when do you use a limiter? Or rather: how far do you go with a compressor before limiting? I try stuff and it sounds OK, but I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Yes, that dynamic range thing is cool. I use the free one too and dodn’t know paid version had that. The only other plugin I know of that does a dynamic range graphic like that is Ian Shepard’s Dynameter which is at least twice as expensive.

It’s pretty cool in the pro version how you can drop a file on it and it will analyze it and give you all the info. As you said though, these are still just tools.