You can also bash this mix then [Get out of bed] :)

Hi there,

being a long time away from mixing, I tried to get my hands on someone else song to see if I didn’t lose too much knowledges on that stuff…

Feel free to share your thoughts on that less than 3 minutes long song :sweat_smile:
(or you could also throw what I missed)

Revised mix

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Really good balances and guitar sounds! You’ve got the bass poking through nicely too. Punchy and fun mix. Nice job! My only “issue” with this mix - and it could be just a taste thing - but I would much prefer to hear that main vocal down a couple of dB and sitting more in the mix to minimize the irritation factor. Don’t get me wrong, I love the song, just not the main vocal. Maybe a dynamic EQ on his main frequency range might “soften” it some?

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Hey NCLS! Great to hear your mixes again. Just listening on my grotbox speakers at work - this sounds cool!
I like the panning scheme you introduced - it works really well.

One thing I think could be improved is the level of the interlude “riff” guitars (the main riff when there is no singing). These can be huge and powerful, since they don’t have to compete with the vocal. Here they sound a little bit underdone, level-wise.

Nice work!

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I think it sounds great. Just the right mix of feeling raw while still feeling very polished.

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Many thanks for your reply dude!
I agree with the “irritation factor”, I’ll try what you suggested to make this singer less… less away from the band :slight_smile:

Again, thanks for sharing your thought that quick!

Many thanks to you Andrew, I really appreciate every feedback you did!
On the panning scheme, I think you went many steps further :slight_smile:
Great tip on the interlude.

I’ll implement those in a revised mix.
Again, many thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for your comment, I do appreciate your point of view.
I like the raw/polished contrast you pointed out, it’s not expected but why not ¯\(ツ)/¯

Hey man, just had a listen to this on my studio system - it sounds killer! Nice work. :beerbanger:

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Thanks for the compliment (and for old gif from RR :wink: )

Revised mix added regarding comments above

Thank you for the review! Oy! Listening to the first mix: reminds me of Joan Jett (good singer): she played at the college I attended (Cal Poly, Pomona), back around 1980. Everything sounds very good to me. It has a 70’s/early 80’s vibe for me. The second mix has more high frequencies? I actually liked the first mix a little better. Nice song & recording! :slight_smile: I downloaded the song and I’m not giving it back!

Thanks for your comment.
This is a song I downloaded from the well-known multi-track library of Mike Senior, so I didn’t anything in the recording nor the songwriting :slight_smile:
The second mix has a little more hi end plus I tried to fix things pointed out above.

Thanks for sharing your thought!

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It’s always interesting to hear the different mixes of a song. I like how it has that raw feel to it. The verse could have used the double lead vocals up a little and maybe spread out to the sides to add some accent to the lead vocal. What did you add to the bass Gt at 1.03? I like how you panned the BG vocals around in the second verseI like the solo section with the lead gt and Hammond sound spread out some .

Nice Job!

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Hey, thanks for your comment on that mix!
I don’t know how I should take that “raw” sound comment but I let guitars like this… maybe I would reamp them to something different, I don’t know.
The bass guitar has an octaver on the second verse when I reamp’ed it: I used my default bass configuration and I had an octaver bypassed at that time… I tried to switch it on and there it is.

Again, thanks to stopping by and commenting!