You and Me, Words and Music by Rene A

A song dedicated to bring about peace in our troubled world.
We can make a difference.
Please pray for peace in Ukraine.

You and Me, Words and Music by Rene A

We can bring back hope and love
And then we shall see face to face
Love will never fail
You and Me, anew
Hope will lead us through
You and Me

We now, can be made complete
His love and peace will flourish in our hearts
Breastplate of faith and love
You and Me, anew
Helmet of salvation
For You and Me

You and me we have been called
So we might go and bear much fruit
Fruit that will last
Hope and Love
He called us by our names
You and Me

We can fervently love
We will walk by faith, and not by sight
For with Him, loving kindness
You and Me, anew
And with Him, redemption
For You and Me

Love another as He did love you
If we speak, but no love in our hearts
We become just gongs,
a noisy clanging cymbals
Let’s bring back hope and love
You and Me


You should know by now you’ll get a thumbs up from me! I sure hope you’re taking your skills out there and gigging, etc. You should be heard!

Speaking of hearing, I’m hearing a bit of distortion at the 1:55 mark. Still listening, but thought I’d bring it to your attention. I’d maybe pull the gain back on the mic a bit more when recording and then re-add it during mixdown. I heard it again after 3 minutes in (actually quite a bit after that). Otherwise it’s great!

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Wow very nice new guy. You have the chops for sure. Coveting the Martin here ha ha. Sounds a bit like America ventura highway ish. I agree you need to go to a mall and put out a jar. Somehow you don’t see like a bar kinda guy. So glad you joined our forum. congrats


Hi holster,
I will address the distortion, and thanks for the feedback.
I am using a mixer into my DAW, and I think the output from the mixer is still a bit high, plan on lowering it a bit.
And really appreciate the wonderful comments.

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Hi feaker,
Thanks for the truly humbling comments.
I used to be a bar kinda fellow, and now I hang around my music room, and close friends, jamming and making noise.
I love America, and a big fan of Ventura Highway!
I am glad to be part of this excellent forum.

Very nice and mellow @ReneAsologuitar, your performances are excellent. I know you are working on your recording approach but I have to say the sound on this one is not as good as some of your others, your voice is slightly muffled here. Just my 2 cents worth.

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Hi ingolee,
Very helpful comments.
I also need to address some feedback on some areas, and I think I have abs idea on how to turn my knobs in my mixer, as the mix inputs to my DAW.
You are very much appreciated.

@ReneAsologuitar , you have mentioned several audio units here, I know that the UAD and the Bose are quality items but what is the Yamaha mixer you mention? If you don’t want to take the time to talk about your signal chain I certainly understand but there pros on this site (not me) who could probably help you with your set up, just saying.

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Hi ingolee,
Thanks for inviting me to talk more about my set-up.
My set-up is pretty simple.
I have tried a few combination before, and I did use my Bose T1 ToneMatch Mixer into my Presonus Studio 2/6 USB interface into my IMAC. I am using QuickTimePlayer to record a movie.
An audio guy from Los Angeles, got me to change it up a bit.
At this current time, my set-up is as follow:
2 mics - SM-58 for guitar, Ear Trumpet Labs “Edwina” for vocals.
Yamaha MG10XU Mixer
stereo output into
UAD Volt 2/76 USB interface (DAW)
USB into my IMAC.

And the pricing for these units are very reasonable.
Price is a big thing for me.
The pricey item on this list is the Edwina, which is a condenser mic, made in Portland, OR. for 600 dollars.

Thanks again ingolee!!!

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Rene, are you using a click for sound? How are you keeping your timing?

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I do not have anything that would keep me in a perfect timing.
I am not using a metronome, or gadget that keeps time.
I do not want to be kept in a particular time, because sometimes, as the emotion of the song can dictate a slow-down and/or a pick up in pace.
I record my songs with my own internal timing, and I might be at a particular time in the beginning, and end up in a totally different timing when I end.
I only use a guitar, that I sing with, and there is only one track. That’s why I can get away with no timing gadget.
I will not be able to add a drums track if I wanted to because of my recording choice.
I used to record audio only, and would lay down different tracks, like drums, bass, guitar, vocals1, vocals2, and I have to ensure I have a timing device that would keep me in time, and that could be the drums, or a metronome.
I hope I answered your question ok.
Thank you for asking me.

Just curious @ReneAsologuitar , your Yamaha mixer seems like a quality unit and if I understand correctly it has a USB interface so I wondered why you were using the UAD Volt interface in addition?

Both units will accept two mics and both have 48V power that the Edwina requires, is there some other feature you like that you need both of these?


Hi ingolee,

You are correct about the Yamaha mixer.
Actually, I can use just the Yamaha by itself, and would probably be ok, and will be comparable to my set-up now.
But during the time I was playing around with my set-up, and this was about 2 months ago, when I had my issue on my sound coming out only on one channel. I tried hooking up my Yamaha to my Presonus DAW (at the time), I heard noise from my recording. Looking back, it might be operator error, as I could have tried lowering my output volume from Yamaha into the DAW (that could have been why it was having the noise in the recording).

Then, A good friend, audio engineer from Los Angeles, excitedly recommended the UAD Volt 2/76 to replace my Presonus Studio 2/6.
At the time, I always was not all the way happy with the Presonus (I owned an older Presonus DAW before, and that older version was noticeably better than what I had, so I elected to buy the new UAD Volt, which has built-in compressor and vintage mic preamp.)
The Yamaha has a built-in compressor, but do not have the mic preamp.
Currently, I am using very little compression from Yamaha, and about 3 o’clock on my UAD compressor knob.

Bottomline, you are correct, I can just use the Yamaha, and I will be fine.

Currently, the only advantage I have is the UAD vintage mic pre-amp.
Because Yamaha has built-in compression and also a USB (DAW) connect-direct to a computer.

So for other folks reading, the Yamaha MG10XU is an outstanding interface for live connection from XLR instruments/mics into a computer via USB (acting as a DAW).

For my purposes, the engineering invested by UAD for compression, vintage mic preamp, and DAW quality are very good value for the price of the UAD Volt 2/76.

In my opinion, my recording sound has dramatically improved with my current set-up in comparison to my older set-up. And in the end, I am happy with my investment, which is not expensive at all.


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@ReneAsologuitar you are getting a good recorded sound so I don’t want to interfere or make you do anything that you are not comfortable with but I’d like to make some suggestions that I think might help if you don’t mind.

The two units that you mention, Yamaha MG10XU and the UAD Volt 276 are both high quality units and you have spent your money wisely. But these units both do almost exactly the same thing and using them together in a chain is a duplication and may be causing some of your distortion issues.

The only real difference between the Yamaha and the UAD is that the Yamaha has more inputs for if you wanted to record a group. It’s good to have extra inputs but with just you and your guitar either unit can do everything that you need.

My suggestion would be to pick just one of these units and work with it enough to where you are comfortable with what it can do and then do the same with the other unit. At that point you can compare the two and see which one you would rather use.

One difference that you can see with the two units is that the Yamaha has EQ built in with knobs on the unit to control it whereas the UAD has that as part of the software package that runs on your computer. Both units have mic preamps, you have to have those to get any sound out of a microphone. Putting them both in line though could be overdriving your signal and causing distortion.

You mention a DAW several times but you don’t mention which DAW you are using. To be clear a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is recording software that runs on your computer. There are many brands, for iMac there is GarageBand, Logic Pro X, or even Pro Tools or Reaper. I believe you can record directly into QuickTime also, maybe you can explain your recording process? DAW software accepts ‘plug ins’ which is how your UAD allows you to use some effects.

I’ll ask @ColdRoomStudio , who is much more knowledgeable than I am, to see if what I’m saying here is correct.

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Hi ingolee,
Thanks for the help. I appreciate that.
Actually, at this time, when I say DAW, I am just talking about the hardware UAD Volt 2/76, and not any software that runs in my computer.
Simply, I use the UAD Volt as my interface into my computer, which you mentioned, that I do have that in my Yamaha.

At this time, I am not using any DAW recording software, and I am recording direct into QuickTimePlayer.

A couple of years ago, I was using Presonus Studio 2/6 interface and the software to record audio only, and I was able to record one track, and add tracks one at a time.

With my current set-up, I am recording “kinda live”, and I have a single track. I am not able to add tracks because I am not using a recording software, I am recording via QTP.

That is my recording set-up.

Thanks again for the technical conversation.
Definitely, I am far from an audio/video expert.


Hey Rene, I think if you’re happy with the results you are getting with your setup, there is no need to change things. A DAW can be helpful if you are overdubbing, or if you want to do some post-editing/massaging of a live recording. Overall though, your “thing” seems to be primarily invested in live performance, so if you are getting things right at the source (ie a clean signal in), then there is no need to unnecessarily complicate things.

I did some live acoustic video recordings a little while ago, and I must admit, it was tricky to get a balance between good sound and ease of use/uncomplicated. When you’re focusing on performance, the last thing you want to be distracted by is technical issues and complex setups.

I tried a few different things, which had varying degrees of success. I ended up finding he best setup for me was one dynamic mic for my vocals, one close condenser mic on guitar, and a stereo pair of condenser room mics to pick up the overall sound and create a bit of a stereo image. That is the setup I used in this live video.

One other advantage of recording to a DAW is the ability to synchronise the recorded audio with the picture in post production. If you have access to 2 or 3 cameras, you can create a little more interest from a visual perspective. In a DAW like Reaper, you can do all the video editing right in the DAW, without having to go to another program.

…but as I said above, sometimes keeping it simple yields the best results.

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I love the sound you created in your video, Bitter.
Very natural, and the sound is pure and clear.
I would love to learn how to properly use a DAW, but I am starting my focus on this “live recording” videos, and building my original song list.
Thank you for your expertise, and recording knowledge sharing, very awesome - very generous.

Hi Rene, welcome to the Forum. It’s my duty to inform you that the MSM is hijacking your mindset and it would be helpful to open your mind to other perspectives …

This may not be pleasant, but the truth needs to be told.

Please consider listening to these channels to upgrade your mindset:

I’m sure you will be shocked that MSM has not given you these viewpoints, but at least consider them. You are being sent “off the rails of a Crazy Train” by MSM. There is much more to what is happening than what you are told.

Not using a DAW seems to work fine for Rene here but I’m just wondering if running two preamps in series (Yamaha mixer with preamp output into UAD interface with preamp input ) before going USB into his iMac might be causing some of the distortion we are hearing on some of his videos.

Yeah, I think that might have been the issue previously, but I can’t hear any distortion in @ReneAsologuitar 's latest video. It’s probably not an ideal setup per se, but I always feel that whatever works for each individual is the best way to get to the end-game, rather than second-guessing yourself too much.

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