Yet another subwoofer question

So I’m officially on my first contract as a re-recording mixer, pretty much a life/career goal that I’ve been aspiring to for about 10 years lol. Tore the studio apart yesterday to install a 5.1 system, soon to be built into a 7.1 (or maybe not if the room simply can’t take it).

I decided to go with a 6 front, 2 back speaker config. JBL (L, C, F, LFE) and Focal (L + R) at the front. All set up at the same time. Then JBL (LS, RS) in the back.

So I was looking at systems with dual and quad subs. It seems that the question of “how many subs” has to do with the amount of energy needed to push a certain amount of air in order to provide a clear low range image in the room.

So does this basically mean there isn’t a fixed or proper way to install subs?? Its just how much balancing the power of the sub system with the room?

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The more sources you have, less extreme the peaks and nulls should be. It’s not so much about having enough power to push the air. Even a single 12" sub can put out a waaaay more low end in a small->medium sized room needs at standard mixing levels.But if you set it up correctly, you should be able to get a more accurate frequency response from the low end with multiple subs.

I mean, it does minimize distortion and turbulence as well to have multiple subs, I just think that’s more of a side benefit than the main benefit.

I don’t know anything about this topic, but wanted to say congrats on achieving this goal!!

Thanks girl. I can’t believe I’m finally getting paid to do one of these!! Yay :wink: